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  1. Well the water is really warming up but not the fishing. Still CC area all the way to Shaws bluff. Water much clearer with 5' visibility. Water temp was 82 first thing in the morning. Seldom marked any fish. I only had one bite and the wife caught 3 but all were very short. Last weekend was about the same. So far this year I have only caught one keeper crappie. Maybe time to sell the boat. Not worth it in 90F weather for 7 hours.
  2. I think you are right Dutch. The same applies to the crappie.
  3. Well, the wife and I went again on Saturday. Tough day. Water temperature up to 73F and the water was getting pretty green. Crappie seemed to be on vacation. Caught a handful of small crappie (8 to 15' deep). The wife and I caught 3 channels with the wife's 7 lber the biggest. She had fun with that one!! I also caught one short walleye.
  4. I would say possibly. Can't be sure though.
  5. The wife and i took the boat out at CC yesterday. Caught around 20 crappie, only 2 keepers. Fish were very widely scattered at 8 to 18 ft. Did not mark any on main channels. Only caught them in the mouth of coves. Also caught 2 channels that were around 2 lbs each. Both were females full of eggs. I would say they were a good 2 to 3 weeks from spawning. Water was slightly dingy with 2 ft visibility. Water temperature was a fairly constant 63F all day. Some debri on surface but the wind blew most of it onto shore as the day progressed.
  6. I have been fishing Stockton since 1987.
  7. Research https://huntfish.mdc.mo.gov/fishing/species/crappie/crappie-tips-fishing#:~:text=Crappie%20may%20spawn%20as%20early%20as%20mid-March%20in,spawn%20as%20shallow%20as%201%20or%202%20feet. Missouri Conservation Department The spawn generally occurs when water temperatures reach 55F. Siefert, R. E. 1968. Reproductive behavior, incubation and mortality of eggs, and post-larval food selection in white crappie. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 97:3. Spawning begins when water temperature reaches 13–14 C (55-57F), with peak spawning occurring at 16–20 C (61-68F) (
  8. Welcome Cptndeez. Always good to have a new member.
  9. No argument from me oghfm. I fully agree.
  10. Man, that is crazy. I guess I will stay near the fireplace a little longer.
  11. Just a guess but with it being around 60 on Tuesday I would say that Wed would be a safe bet for launching but you might need a torch to thaw out the fish if you catch any. lol
  12. Cute kids Mitch. You are blessed.
  13. straw hat

    Mud Line

    AGMs are great You may not believe this but I have a big AGM (110 amp hour) that has run the main motor in my pontoon now for over 12 years. I also have two other 31 AGMs that I use for my trolling motor and small electronics and they are both over 6 years old. I love them.
  14. Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you. May God bless you.
  15. Well I guess fun time is over. We hit the same spot today and only had two bites, a small crappie and a 1 lb channel. Both bites were barely detectable. Water still stained and down to 42F. Nice weather though.
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