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  1. Well, I guess the pattern is that the ramp is open on weekends and closed during the week. But, that is just speculation! To be sure call the COE office in Stockton. 417 276 3113
  2. I'll try to post again as soon as it is open.
  3. Many years ago my family was fishing on the river (before Stockton Lake) at Hulston Mill. It was about dark and we had a campfire going, when a cloud of mayflies came down the river. They were so thick that they flew into the campfire and nearly put it out! As I remember, it was over in just a few minutes.
  4. The ramp is still open, I'm thinking now the road chip and seal will be after the 4th.
  5. North Mutton Ramp is open again, however, will probably close again soon. They have paved the sloped approach to the ramp and will be doing a chip and seal on the parking lot and road.
  6. FYI - The Corps is resurfacing the road to, and parking lot of the North Mutton Creek boat ramp. I'LL post when it is open again.
  7. Only fished an hour and a half caught 6 walleye, two keepers, 4 crappie, 2 keepers, around 20 ft and on the bottom on jigs.
  8. Good info.! Other factors influence when individual fish spawn. Turbidity will determine to some extent the depth at which the fish spawns or when the desirable temperature occurs at that depth. Photoperiod, fluctuations of temperature, rate of overall temperature increases......thus the range of spawning temperatures.
  9. So did I! in fact, I fished and swam in the river before the lake.
  10. Very, very few, if any, bluecats (whites) in Stockton. Lots of channel cats.
  11. My better half and I were on the water from 8 To 3 pm out of Mutton. Ended with 8 keeper eyes, several shorts on the bottom in 18 to 20 ft. Also 3 keeper crappie and 25+ shorts. 1 channel cat, and a 8 pd. Carp that stripped a lot of drag. Beautiful day and lots of boats.
  12. You must have heard that first Turkey gobble!😆
  13. No, they just trained the muskies not to eat crappies! 😉
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