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  1. Good info.! Other factors influence when individual fish spawn. Turbidity will determine to some extent the depth at which the fish spawns or when the desirable temperature occurs at that depth. Photoperiod, fluctuations of temperature, rate of overall temperature increases......thus the range of spawning temperatures.
  2. So did I! in fact, I fished and swam in the river before the lake.
  3. Very, very few, if any, bluecats (whites) in Stockton. Lots of channel cats.
  4. My better half and I were on the water from 8 To 3 pm out of Mutton. Ended with 8 keeper eyes, several shorts on the bottom in 18 to 20 ft. Also 3 keeper crappie and 25+ shorts. 1 channel cat, and a 8 pd. Carp that stripped a lot of drag. Beautiful day and lots of boats.
  5. You must have heard that first Turkey gobble!😆
  6. No, they just trained the muskies not to eat crappies! 😉
  7. The crappie population at PDT certainly did an about face after the increased emphasis on habitat by MDC and COE in the early 2000's. Also the water level management plan, keeping water levels slightly higher and stable during the spawn increased recruitment.
  8. I don't fish with minnows very often but when I do, I prefer shiners. Seems to me that I catch more on shiners than fathead (tuffies). "Tuffies" acquired that name because they are easier to keep alive, NOT because they are tough to beat!
  9. Got on the lake at Mutton creek Sunday just to play with and adjust electronics. Ice pretty much gone except for around marina. Water temp 37.5 F. Found balls of shad and a few fish around them on the bottom in 35-40 ft. Nothing caught, Did not wet a line but ready to go!
  10. Good job! Looks like Mutton is heating Up! Pam and I going to try it this pm.
  11. To all the Ozark Anglers, Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! and may you have your lines stretched many times in 2021. STAY SAFE!
  12. Wow, looks like fun! One of these days I'll get out again. For the foreseeable future I'll be building a shouse for my son.
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