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  1. Just a tick under 17" but it was about 15-20 years ago
  2. What color did you end up on the spinnerbait?I was throwing whites, gray, and some chartreuse and ended up being tough. No keepers but a bunch of small fish. Maybe I was in the wrong area.
  3. April 28 1973 That's what the Corp told me a couple years ago. If it was higher since I don't recall it.
  4. Stockton record level 885.94, it's at 882.99 now. What's your guess?
  5. Should be fine launching. They had pulled the dock when I was by there yesterday.
  6. On Stockton last year barely missed a kayaker in the middle of the lake around state park. It was after dark with a decent amount of waves. Dark color kayak with dark clothes NO lights or flag. I was running under the speed limit. That was a bad feeling when I saw it. Evasive maneuvers and avoided it, with some wake I'm sure. Hopefully whoever it was will have lights if they are out after dark next time.
  7. What water temps did you see?
  8. I had the same luck on Wednesday but with a spinnerbait instead of chatter jig.
  9. My last one was 12 years without asking. 15 seems common a lot of places. Paid it off in 3 but it was nice to have a smaller minimum if something were to come up for a month or 2.
  10. Gave it a shot Friday from about 3pm to 7pm had 14 bass. All were in the 13-15" range and all of them came out of about 2ft of water. Not grouped up,trolling motor on pretty high covered lots of water. All but 2 off a buzzbait the others shakey head. Could not buy a bite on anything else. Tried from 30ft to the bank.
  11. I guess it's possible I've caught a couple trout out of Goose Creek years ago that feeds Turnback. Also 1 out of Turnback but it was quite a ways from the lake. But I suppose it could happen.
  12. I was wondering if this had anything to do with the draw down? http://www.nwk.usace.army.mil/Media/News-Releases/Article/908212/20th-annual-stockton-lake-cleanup-event-scheduled/ I could be wrong just seemed to coincide timing wise and right now there would be no issues getting around on the banks.
  13. I'd ask the corp in the past on the records and here was there response. Thanks for your interest in Stockton Lake! The multi-purpose pool elevation for Stockton Lake is 867.00 feet above mean sea level (msl). It was first reached on 18 Dec 1971 after storage began on 12 Dec 1969. The highest recorded pool level was on 28 Apr 1973 at 885.94 msl The lowest recorded pool level was on 7 Feb 1977 at 851.86 msl If you have further questions - or need further info - please feel free to contact us. I hope you and your family have many SAFE and enjoyable visits to Stockton Lake. Respectfully, Rod Hendricks Operations Project Manager Stockton Lake
  14. I do have a question about the 4 stroke problems now. Cars have been running 4 strokes for years and seem to be pretty lined out. The valve train in the 4 strokes should have some sort of adjustment to get the valve train back in spec (nut adjuster, shims, etc.) or have hydraulic valve trains to take up the wear. Do the outboards not have any adjustments to them? Not trying to start an argument just trying to get some info and figure this out. Because if they don't have anything to correct for wear then it sounds a design flaw.
  15. I bought a G3 from TriLakes Marine in November. They worked with me really well, and I have nothing but good things to say about them. Were always helpful and answered any questions or concerns I had. Went above and beyond what I expected from a dealer. Haven't had to get any big service done so I can't comment on that part of it. PM me if you have any questions about them.
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