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  1. Big thank you to everyone who competed this year! Full results are up on the website at www.bigbasstour.com See everyone next year. 👍
  2. Yes, you can start anywhere and trailering is allowed. Check out the How It Works, Rules and FAQ sections on the website for all details.
  3. There’s no meeting, Thursday will be rod pickup for those who qualified.
  4. Looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend. Pumped to be headed to Table Rock. Reminder this year we are online registration only. All updated rules, payouts and registration information is on the website at www.bigbasstour.com See everyone soon!!! Mark
  5. Updates are on the website already. https://bigbasstour.com/tournaments/2020/table-rock-lake-missouri
  6. Event now rescheduled back to fall due to flooding. All info is here: https://bigbasstour.com/tournaments/2020/table-rock-lake-missouri
  7. Posting the updated tournament dates and the full Lake Preview for the upcoming event. Read the lake preview here: https://bigbasstour.com/news/vandam-advises-go-big-at-table-rock
  8. We've made the date adjustment and the event is a go for June 5-7th. We've also added another 100 promo rods as incentive. All info at www.bigbasstour.com
  9. June 5-7 is what we are currently working on. We will know quickly. Thanks
  10. The primary driver here is that we are not guaranteed that we can host the event in the fall given Covid and at this point we would likely be able to execute the event in early June. We've hosted in June in the past and we understand that there's pleasure boat traffic. We have always allowed trailering in our events and there's options for those making longer runs. There are tournaments on Table Rock in June and it's part of the process. We should have updates from the survey later today or tomorrow and we will move quickly if the feedback is positive. Thanks everyone!
  11. We are certainly frustrated by what's transpired but it's out of anyone's control. We are wishing you all the best in this time. We will get through this. Stay safe everyone! Mark
  12. Urgent Update: Based on the current directives from the President, the State and our conversation with local officials surrounding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, we are rescheduling the event on Table Rock Lake. The reschedule date for Table Rock is now set for October 30 - November 1. All details on the website at www.bigbasstour.com
  13. The situation is pretty fluid right now related to Covid outbreak. As of now event is still on schedule but that is subject to change at anytime. Plan accordingly.
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