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  1. I caught my first ever walleye a few weekends ago on a ned rig. I hope to catch more in the future. This conversation is motivating.
  2. Finally picked the tourney winner. Too bad the rest of my roster struggled. 🙈 Congrats to the winners!
  3. Horrible news. Thinking of his family, friends and you all on here sharing fish stories with him.
  4. Fishing the dam rocks seems to be a winning pattern at other lakes 🤔
  5. The tourney kicks off today. I have Palaniuk, I think it’s his time. Anyone else care to share their winner?
  6. I have a few of those.... not sure where they are
  7. It’s a tank... I think it’s a joke or fraud.
  8. Taking the advice. I just bought a pair of the winter style. Thanks.
  9. I use these also. Only ones I have ever had so nothing to compare to but they are good to me
  10. I am in as Z man. Must have 5 characters when creating a name on there.
  11. FYI, there are two groups created. You may need to delete one...
  12. Jordan Lee strikes again! General Tire World Championship.
  13. You had me nervous when 5 of your guys made the cut and fished Saturday.
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