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  1. Like mentioned above the tenacity works the best , but you are going to pay a pretty penny for it ! A shovel works well too at a fraction of the cost.
  2. I thought the same about the boats and not being able to fish the main lake for 6 months
  3. Hey Wrench ,Why does lake of the ozarks have more big bass in it compared to the other major lakes in the state?
  4. I think we have reached an impasse. I’ll say it again if the wake is generated from outside the no wake zone , then it’s perfectly legal. And if a wave from a bass boat intersects your dock , you claim they are disrespectful? I just don’t see it man. It must be hell living on the lake sitting on your dock and just looking for something to complain about. It’s actually comical to me that you went through all the trouble calling the guy out and then contacting the tournament director . You would be a solid HOA president. And I’m not blaming you , what would I even blame you for ? I think it’s a
  5. I agree that a boat operator is always responsible for there wake. But you’re fighting a losing battle if you think someone is going to be citied for it . How is someone supposed to prove that. There is totally two sides to this story , the biggest being no one is breaking the law lol . Jesus. I’m sure it sucks when a wave comes by and sloshes the water around . I haven’t seen a single instance where you’ve come in here for your yearly update and something actually has been damaged . I’m actually very very respectful when boating . And if I came in on plane and shut down in the middle of a cov
  6. So I just read like 4 years of crap from this post . I have two questions, are these fisherman running in between your dock and the buoy ? Or is this just a big misunderstanding of how no wake areas operate ? I mean just putting a random buoy out and expecting no waves is kinda ridiculous.
  7. Might be the gas cap . My tundra freaked me out one time and it was loose
  8. Decided two weeks ago were we going to do the upper Jacks from Prongs to Rymer . I believe it totaled about 16 miles . Put in at Y hwy South Prongs water was @ 222 cfs upon arrival . We were greeted with some male anatomy painted on every tree at the Access . F bombs painted on all the rocks . Felt really nice leaving the vehicle there for the shuttle . The river was perfectly clear and just amazing . My buddy fished for 39 minutes or so without a bite. I spotted a small hole up ahead of him with a tree crossing it . I eased up there picked up the rod and told him . “ I’m going to get out t
  9. We’re are lucky to have lakes that really don’t have dead water . Some of the lakes I’ve fished around the country fish so dang small compared to anything here .
  10. Yesterday I was yelling at the TV! don’t grab the line ! Why are you grabbing the line ! Snap .... “ there’s nothing I could have done “ well... you could have not grabbed the line to try and land a 10 lb fish lol
  11. It’s all good it’s a boat . Not actually going to fight , although I can dream about it . I never thought anything was fine .I’m actually the only one who thinks something is amiss . Would have never taken it in if I thought it was fine . To have my boat for a month and a half , put it in a pond and start it and tell me it’s fine . Only to make it on a 5 minute ride and she comes apart . Yeah you and everyone else can blame Mercury and I will too . But dang , something is wrong now something was wrong when I dropped it off , hell something was wrong a year ago when they did the same thing. Jus
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