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  1. Plenty of easy bank access at Roaring River SP. Be sure to stop by Tim's Fly Shop (1 mile north on H 112 on west side) and he will have great advice on where and what will be best for your dad. You should also google his weekly RRSP fishing report so you come prepared for best success.
  2. I would contact Current River Canoe Rentals (located at Pulltite).
  3. Any insight on post-flood park condition would be appreciated. Planning to camp and fish the week of June 13. Many Thanks, -Bob
  4. Any recommendations for public access to wade fish and catch a few smallies in the area near Roaring River State Park (Cassville, MO) ? Many Thanks, -Bob
  5. Thanks for the info on downstream RR. Think I'll pass on that opportunity to make a new friend. But what section of Flat Creek ? Stubblefield Access, Jenkins, or somewhere further downstream ?
  6. Heading up to RRSP mid-June with a newbe. Besides trout fishing, I was hoping to find a spot we could wade and get him into some smallies. 1) Will we be able to find public access spots downstream of the RR Conservation Area (cemetary, road crossing, et al) that are safe to park with warmer water that would hold smallmouth ? 2) What is the closest recommended safe public access on a bass-holding creek or stream ? Many Thanks, -Bob
  7. Rats ! I've been tying mine with only 8 body segments. No wonder I always struggle at Crane. And I thought it was my lack of stealth. Very nice focus
  8. I think the trout fishing remains great, but that zone of this river (Rainbow Springs to Patrick Bridge) provides a much different kind of water than the trout sections of the Current, Merrimac, or the spring creeks. The breech in Dawt Mill Dam (several years pre-flood, I believe) has allowed stripers better access upstream, but I don't know that this has really affected the Northfork River trout fishing. Those with experience do not seem to report any issues.
  9. After a few gorgeous, scenic drives down H21 and H19, my driving route settled in to: I44 to Rolla, US63 south to Cabool, US69 east to Winona, and MO-19 south to Greer. Mostly all straight 4-lane until joining H19 after it straightens out at Winona. The extra miles (and perhaps longer time) are balanced against more comfort for passengers on those windy ridge roads and less risk of getting stuck behind a turtle-ish trailer. No camping permitted at Turner Mill north (aka Surprise, MO). I don't remember examining the few first come - first served campsites at Turner South. You can read a bit by googling USFS Turner Mill South. I can tell you its a long drive down the hill on a 1-1/2 lane gravel road that I would only attempt with a high-clearance vehicle. And once there, I would not be tempted to make lots of trips back up to town, but I am a fairly cautious type. I am also not familiar with the types of folks who typically use that remote campground. Much easier drive into the parking lot of Boze Mill campground near Riverton. But you need to carry your gear 1/2 mile or so into your campsite. And absolutely no issues with the roads at Greer Crossing where you can camp directly out of your trunk. As for fishing - Smallmouth upstream of Greer Spring. Rainbow trout predominate from where Greer Spring Branch enters the river thru Turner Mill. Smallmouth mix back in increasing proportion until Riverton. Then mostly smallmouth with a few walleyes down to Myrtle (old Stubblefield Ferry crossing). This is big water ! Plan your rig to fish as deep as possible in case they are hugging the bottom out of the heavy current. I bring sinking tip flyline and tie some of my flies (don's crawdad, black stonefly, and shad-gray jigs) that are more heavily-weighted than I would use almost anywhere else (except maybe some spots on the Northfork). Heavy spinners (aka blue fox or rooster tail) have been good for me. You can also search this forum for excellent advice from those much more experienced/successful than me.
  10. Thanks for the report. I have a hunch they're still in there, somewhere ...
  11. A few thoughts. Takes me 4.5 hours to drive StL to Greer Crossing Campground. But the great fishing and less-crowded floating than Current or Jacks Fork is worth it. Be sure to check water condition (river level) before you take the time to drive down. Call Eleven Point Canoe Rental in Alton (same ownership as Huffstetters in Riverton). Nothing wrong with your Whitten to Riverton idea. You could camp on the river at Boze Mill which is pretty cool and very close to Huffstetters. But that fishing that section of the river is less trout and more smallmouth. The idea of shuttling up to Whitten, then floating back to Riverton gives you a better flexibility for timing your day, which can be helpful if some members of your party are ready to get off the river. For my tastes, I concur with Livn2 that my 1st choice for a one day look at the 11 Point would be to float Greer to Turner. Great fishing - mostly trout. Reserve time to check out the old mill wheel and spring outlet at Turner North before you take out (Turner South). Plenty of current in that section of the river, so the challenge for a day float is to stop and play (or fish) enough to spread out the day. If staying in the upper section, I also recommend floating the Cane Bluff to Greer section IF there is enough water. Its a slower float, warmer water (for those less likely to enjoy playing in the colder Greer-Turner section), and good smallmouth fishing - plus you get the last 1/4 mile of trout water after Greer Spring Branch dumps in. I love the USFS campground along thd river under the Highway 19 bridge at Greer Crossing, but be advised that there are no hot showers and no cell service. Makes it less crowded and quieter, but a 15 minute drive to Alton for supplies. Jerry Richards campground and canoe rental is only a few minutes drive up the hill and has better facilities, but not on the river. You will also find really nice cottages to rent in Alton - google Brian Sloss who is also the most knowledgeable fishing expert for the upper Eleven Point. Wade fishing from the campground can sometime become dangerous when the water is up - so please be careful. But when conditions are good, the fishing under the bridge and wading as far upstream as you dare can be excellent. The hike to see Greer Springs is very nice. One of the more fantastic sites in MO. Trailhead is a mile or 2 drive south from the campground. I recall an hour or more down the trail to the spring and then back up the hill again to the parking lot. A shorter hike to see the pristine spring branch is to park by the gate at the old restored Greer Mill (1 mile south of campground) and hike down the gravel road to the old cabins along the spring branch. Once you see this water, you will want to consider a 3 or 4 nighter using Greer as a base camp, and floating Greer to The Narrows - camping along the river. Cool historical things to check out at Boze Mills and Morgan Springs along with knowing that you have touched the soil of the former Pigman Ranch - along with 4 fabulous other soujorners. 'Nuf for now. You should also check out the Northfork River from Sunburst Ranch as a campground and watercraft outfitter.
  12. What size(es) on those wooly buggers & rubber legs ?
  13. Thanks Bill. Had not seen your response when I sent a minute ago.
  14. Thanks for the input. When trying to do the right thing to help sustain our wild trout population (Blue Ribbon waters), I'm thinking our primary objective is to maximize probability of successful ''catch and RELEASE". Therefore, stuff more likely to mouth hook (less likely to be swallowed and gut hooked). So I'm sensing a thumbs up for my foam beetle and that I don't need to trim off my rubber legs. Many Thanks.
  15. Is a foam beetle considered a FLY and allowed on Blue Ribbon Trout waters ? Does addition of rubber legs change the classification ?
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