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  1. Here is the expression I was talking about. Corn cob pain. Yep, he's a twat alright.
  2. What did you get, old man? Troy-Bilt? John Deere? Cub Cadet?
  3. I remember that time too. And thats the problem. The mullet-headed masses that can't distinguish between "news" vs. the op-ed primetime garbage that dominates and is so rabidly consumed. But we've been over this too, and we all know how it ends.
  4. If both Fox News and CNN could disappear forever, the world would be a better place. They are entertainment channels designed only to stir up anger based on news stories they twist and distort.
  5. Breaking news. Tucker Carlson is a twat. A misinformation spreading, bootlicking, conspiracy-spouting, TWAT. Why anyone would look to him for advice on vaccines is the question you should be asking. And why does he always have that quizzical expression on his face, like someone rammed a corncob up his posterior? https://www.huffpost.com/entry/tucker-carlson-vaccine-deaths_n_60938462e4b05af50dcbc4df
  6. For my cedar deck, I use TWP 101. Not sure how well it would soak in to pressure treated wood. And I definitely wouldn't spray it on. Have to make contact with a brush or a roller. Sprayers waste a lot too if you don't know what you're doing. https://www.twpstain.com/twp-101-cedartone
  7. C'mon, thats funny. The "quintessential Upper East Side Witness". 不 She looks fabulous! And gives a full account of what she saw. A lot of stuff!
  8. What is going on? 不不 https://www.huffpost.com/entry/michele-herbert-rudy-giuliani-neighbor_n_608a002fe4b0462027034689
  9. You had me skeptical at "a study done long ago". Tom Mann gulp bait study?? 不
  10. I would agree with that. Individual fish and not necessarily their whole genus. There are "impulsive" fish, if under the right conditions, are more inclined to be susceptible to whatever we throw at them than maybe their step-cousins of the same species. But I also think, without stating the obvious, that it is very easy to recognize a generalized scale of susceptibility between species under a whole range of conditions. I've had baits barely touch the water and consumed in that instance - pure impulse. Smart, educated fish, but foolish for that moment in time. I'm sure they saw it
  11. Me too. I think someone on here recommended. Good stuff.
  12. Furthermore, I'm going to say that it was ONESHOT, in the camo-wallpapered MAN CAVE, and the weapon was the TROPHY.不
  13. Its massive. Look, . . . . they don't just give out trophies like that as door prizes. Here we have as fine a specimen of a trophy as I have ever seen. Gilded in spotless, non-tarnishing gold enamel that probably was developed as a um, a spin-off of the space shuttle program, and then we have 3-tiers, with each level delicately appointed in finely cut marble. And at the impossibly high very tip-top, . . . . . a trophy of a man holding a trophy. A trophy so large it is nearly as tall as the fireplace mantle, and yet too tall to even take its rightful place ON the fireplace mant
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