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  1. Well, no, see I never was a fan. But he was the only choice. Mike Lindell fan? Seriously? 不不不 "Crack addict turned CEO" 不 I tend to believe he is still a crack addict. Did you attend his Cyber Symposium in South Dakota??? 不 What an ugly blend of snake-oil, phony patriotism and phony born-again hooey. And he can barely spout the crap he is saying with a straight face -- but thats probably where the crack comes in handy. He may be worse than Jim Bakker. No, I'm sure of it. He is. To think that he STILL has "fans" and that people (like you) would actually be suckers for his continuing, open-air grift, . . . . . what are the odds?
  2. We can laugh about it now, Mitch, but you were once a big fan . . . . and maybe still are.
  3. Thats a 15 incher by your measuring stick. 予 Well done!
  4. Jim Bakker, yes sorry for the misspell. Speaking of Jim Bakker, my sister ran into him at the deli counter at Price Cutter in Springfield. She said he was flirting with the gal behind the counter.
  5. What specific piece of legislation you looking for? R eading of only new testament vs. old? Or a banishment on Roku? Can't find the Jim Baker channel?
  6. Jerkwood. 不 Pimped out wheels on a golf-cart, Jerkwood meets Bushwood. Spaulding??!!!
  7. I've had Yakima's of various types for 30 years now, going back to cartopping an aluminum canoe on my '66 VW back in college. They work well. Tie down the bow at the very least, and stern too if you're not too lazy. Buy good straps and replace them before they start to age. Not complicated. A 12 foot canoe isn't really a canoe. Its a bad combination of a canoe and a kayak. Get a proper 15' or more canoe, and thank me later. OR, get a kayak and wish you had more space and complain about your arse being soggy all the time.
  8. 27 inches minus 10 inches for the long arm shot. 2 lbs, tops. Speaking of shot . . . go get one you crazy bastard! They're FDA approved now, doncha know?
  9. I'm not a fan of those small stubby canoes in the 12 footer range. Get yourself a 15 footer at least. Like the Esquif Prospecter 15. Much more stable, won't draft as much water, offers more flexibility for camping, more room to lay out your rods and gear. Easy to solo a 15 footer too. What kind of rivers do like to fish? And how big a dude are you Alex?
  10. Ehh, that old myth about St. Louis and what high school you went to is way over-blown in my opinion. I've lived here 25 years and never been asked that question. And Ollie - I grew up in Springfield, first 22 years of my life. Will always be home I suppose, but don't be casting stones up this way from your cultural backwater. 不
  11. Not really. Maybe ask Ashley Babbit. Chicago owes its current situation to 40 years of kicking can down the road of economic disparity, and the NRA for proudly flooding the streets with as many guns as possible.
  12. An okay place to raise a family, but West County has WAY too many Gateway Pundit-type followers. We must always remember January 6th and what those morons, and the moron who led them there, came close to pulling off.
  13. So to summarize . . . . New York state is uncomfortable, and probably unsustainable for long term happiness. Louisiana has a big "do not enter, Oneshot family" signs posted at all highway and by-way entrances. Lets consider what other states might work. South is out. Too many mexicans. West and east is out. Too many liberals. Upper plains? No squirrels. I'd say that only leaves Idaho or Utah. 不
  14. Oh yeah, Gateway Pundit is HQ'd here in West County . . . .Ellisville, right? Happy to slag on ALL of West County even for just that unfortunate connection. 不
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