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  1. It appears they're open, always a few rigs in the lot although I've never really seen anyone that looks like they work there. I fished this afternoon from Tonka to Bridal cave and only saw 3 or 4 other boats.
  2. Traffic has been light in the upper Niangua arm. Maybe try launching at Larry Gale and working upstream.
  3. So now the house burns and bomb squad has to be called in. https://www.ky3.com/2021/10/05/house-dallas-county-mo-man-accused-kidnapping-cassidy-rainwater-burns-ground/
  4. I had a Old Town 164 which we used as both a solo and tandem. When solo I'd sit in the front seat facing back. I found it to paddle and fish better than the 14' Old Town my son bought. An outfitter destroyed my canoe by dragging it down the highway and never really made good on replacement or repair. I've been looking for another 164.
  5. I really like Johnny's rendition of this Pearl Jam tune. Here's another artist I think does well with PJ.
  6. Another sad week for older musicians, Tom T. Hall Don Everly Charlie Watts
  7. TX rigged ultravibe should be perfect. I'd use a cotton candy Zoom lizard.
  8. Lost another great singer-song writer. https://www.npr.org/2021/08/13/1027564725/nanci-griffith-died-texas-singer-songwriter-68
  9. My buddy had a ninja mouse in his shed. We baited a 5 gallon glass water bottle with peanuts. Next day he was trapped, but we just had a few cold ones and watched him struggle to escape. Came back the next evening after work and the jug was shattered and the mouse was gone. True story.
  10. Welcome to the lake. I'm about 55 miles by water from you and I've never fished up that way. My go to is squarebills around shallow cover.
  11. Those big blue cats would be fun on a snoopy rod. Hang on tight cause they're biting.
  12. I'm tempted to give you guys some competition if you will be in the Hazelgreen area.
  13. Seriously consider the Daiwa Black Gold. I have 3 of the Plfugers and they're good, but this one is great. Really good drag. https://www.amazon.com/Daiwa-BG2500-Saltwater-Spinning-Reel/dp/B01JH8FHS0
  14. I'm still confused. Is this the right time of year to pick a pok of poke?
  15. Don't eat the raw livers or gizzards and you won't have a single cell of the hormone transported into your body. The proteins from the meat are just fine. Premium actually. They best not mess with my deep fried lizards and givers. One of my favorites. Only second to liverworst and onion on rye.
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