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  1. Level of brutality depends on the condition of the hull. You really want one that's been in the water for a long time and has a nice crusty layer of barnacles.
  2. When currency is debased, inflation results. That is the foundation of the fractional banking system. Pile on endless government borrowing. Money from nothing...
  3. I've been needing to replenish my stock of single-hook Rooster Tails. None of the big sporting goods outlets have them in stock. Can't even find bootleg copies on Amazon. This morning I sent an email to Worden asking about availability. This is there response: Our production was closed for approximately 5 months because of Covid. During that time frame we continued to ship any product we had in stock. Our shelves are bare and we are currently producing as quickly as possible. Once we have our distributors/retailers in stock, we will reopen our online store. However, it could b
  4. Late February of this year I found myself needing to replace my old G2 Dodge Cummins. Shopped every dealer within 150 miles of CoMO and only found half a dozen low mileage used RAM 2500 4x4 available. Prices were 80% of new, with very little warranty remaining. Not a good value. Capitol Chrysler was the only one around that had trucks in stock that weren't burdened with $20k+ in city boy options, so I bit the bullet for a new one. And it's going to get worse before it gets better.
  5. You CPR guys kill a lot more fish than you think. You just don't see it happen.
  6. I wouldn't put yellow perch in a cow pond. They won't be able to feed well, and the sediment in the water will choke out the swim up fry. Good visibility and a plankton bloom at hatching time is critical for survival of the fry. Hybrids would probably do fine if you put them on a supplemental feeding program. Hybrids and bluegill might be a combination that would result in a trophy bluegill pond.
  7. .35ac, shelf around the edge down to 6' or so, then sheer drop to 16'. 100+ up to 30' cedar trees along one bank and one side of the drop in the middle. Most of the shelf was covered in inch base crushed limestone before the pond filled. 2/3 of the dam is rip-rapped with 3"-6" crushed limestone. Visibility is good, up to 5'-ish when there are no muskrats in there tearing things up. When water temps are above 50° F I run diffused aeration. The pond is on a supplemental feeding program - ~1/2lb of Optimal Jr. once per day March-November. 10lbs of fathead minnows added spring and fall.
  8. I treated her very gently while she was out of the water. Put her on the dock long enough to snap a pic, then right back in the water.
  9. I renovated an old farm pond on my property a few years back. Decided to try something other than the normal bluegill/largemouth/channel cat mix. Stocked forage minnows spring of '19, redear sunfish and northern crayfish June of '19, yellow perch September of '19. Caught this one a couple days ago.
  10. Roger that! The wife thought that I had renewed her permit last spring, but I hadn't. That is an automatic contribution of $145 to the powers that be, if Officer Friendly stops by and asks to see your permit. I put hers and mine both on auto-renew after we got home from the river that day.
  11. Got back out on the MO over Labor Day weekend. Lots of guys fishing. Lots of fish being caught. We saw a couple jumbos in other boats. We didn't catch any big ones, but we got enough nice eaters to fill five one-gallon ziplock bags with nuggets.
  12. Had the day off, and needed some peace and quiet time to myself, so I decided to hit LOz at Warsaw. Launched at East Bledsoe 6:30am. Soon as I got out of the dead water arm I noticed that there was very little current and thought to myself "Well, poop." Set up my first drift just downstream of the no boating zone and nailed an eater blue within 50 yards of where I started. Thought to myself "Well, maybe not poop." But I was wrong. It was poop. Spent a few hours up there dragging live 3"-4" bluegills and 4"-6" shiners. No more bites. Went down and hit the ledge on the b
  13. I rarely pack a lunch when I go fishing, I just don't get to go often enough to counteract the ice cold 12oz cans of Steak, Taters, And Gravy that sustain me in this miserable heat and humidity.
  14. You're welcome to think whatever CNN tells you to think. It's no skin off me.
  15. Here's how I see it. Pretty much all of the political establishment, left and right, hates the Emperor Trump, because most of the time he refuses to go along with their BuSiness As Usual. I truly believe that the Emperor has the best interest of normal Americans as the basis of most of his actions. He has worked very hard to get the US out from under the financial thumb of the commies in China by making it easier for companies to do business profitably here at home. The fact that he's a jackass and a whoremonger are meaningless to me. He's trying to do the right thing for our coun
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