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  1. That guy must be wanting a new motor, but his wife said he couldnt have one until he blew it up...typical yamaha problems.
  2. I basically never fish the lake other than white bass. Our company tournament is saturday, leaving from the cranfield boat ramp, fishing time is 7-1pm. I am fishing from my riverboat(18mph max speed) so I will not be going far. I am thinking about fishing east pigeon creek. What do ya'll think?
  3. I have spoke via text since then, and he was in a couple instagram posts
  4. Not really surprising to me, we have 12ft+ alligators in southern AR.
  5. Them cows are way too chill to be near that big dinosaur
  6. Most of the manufacturers are still holding to the old way which was a wooden boat that was paddled. I believe they make some 60" bottom riverboats now though.
  7. Too bad they don't get on here, they could save a bunch of effort and time.
  8. I have pods so mine may act different but it does not react like the way you describe. 1648 with a 40/28 yamaha planes out in just over a boat length with almost no posterior dip.
  9. there is a guy on 2cool that fishes around Port O"conner or port mansfield(cant remember which) that runs a 90hp yammy jet on a scandy white aluminum boat(with a tunnel) Pmjoffer I think. He removes the intake grates and turns the jet into a salad shooter.
  10. If I have the choice of my hull scraping gravel or my shoe I will let the hull do it every time, so I will keep running a tunnel.
  11. Taken from outboardjets website: " A properly designed tunnel, combined with a slight V bottom hull can greatly enhance jet boat performance. It should raise the motor 2-3 inches and place the heel of the jet intake flush or slightly above the bottom of the boat. A jet tunnel doesn’t work well with a flat bottom boat due to air ingestion. It’s imperative that the hull is designed correctly with the tunnel for the boat to operate properly. The tunnel needs to be just large enough to feed the jet drive its water requirements. A tunnel that is longer, wider or deeper than necessary wast
  12. dimensions on your tunnel look almost identical to mine. mine is 3ft long, 3 inches tall.
  13. I am not smart enough to figure it out, so someone who is please explain to me how a jet tunnel equipped boat does not run shallower than a strictly flatbottom boat? The shoe is above the bottom of the boat. My boat has pods also so maybe that has an effect but I have ran shoals where the boat is touching gravel for short stretches.
  14. in sand/mud if my boat floats it will plane out.
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