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  1. Just a quick question to yall who use it? I have 2-helix 10's DI at the bow, SI at the console. I use the stand by mode some times, but does it really save power, mostly the console? Just one of those random thoughts I have from time to time. Thanks for the info that everyone put out on this site and the help.
  2. I went last sat the 21st for a few hours on the lower end looking for whites and crappie but could only find small large mouth and small male whites. I to was way up a creek I run an Eyra but have run it many times in the past 20 years, didn't have a lot of floaters, but that was last week I will be back out this weekend if we don't have a monsoon hit again. Seems like we are getting them pretty regular . My water temp was 58 later in the afternoon with stained/muddy/clear all in about a 2 mile section. My best bait for numbers was a small keitech or a 1/16th head I did catch a decent stripe
  3. I was up there for the open and even though my placement was low it is a good fishery. Our timing was way off we had high water to low water in our event. It was 3 feet high on Friday before the tournament started to about normal and still falling the Thursday it stated. Frogs, swimbaits, tube baits, 4" worms. Main river had better concentrations of fish and the back waters had better size. Top water should have been a big player, but i just think with so much current and fluctuations that was a factor. Braid to 6 lb floro you can fish about what you want. If your in the current a lot i
  4. I was out for most of the day yesterday Lower end. Wasn't to bad but the good weather wasn't the best for catching.... I had a decent white and LMB from big flat roll off in 52 fow relating to a drop into 70ish on a spoon, several decent shad schools in that area just no activity from feeding fish. Surface water 52 good color for tossing a crank bait so.... On to the next area we tried crankbaiting some swing areas (good water color of it) and it wasn't to hard to find them after a few stops and fine tuning adjustments, just no big keepers. We did catch 3-4 at each area after we dialed
  5. I got to get out for a few hours Monday before the rain hit. Only got 3 all on a crank bait; the trifecta though Lmb, Smb, & a spot. Water was a brownish color mid-lake area and 58 degrees . Had to get the boat put back up before it got to wet 😁😀🚫. Be out again Saturday if all goes to plan..
  6. That sounds about like my last outing I have been trying to type one up, but this work thing keeps popping up. We put in at Red bank on the 30th to a stiff south wind about 10-15 mph all day and caught the whites fairly easy on a small crank or a trap, and even caught the quad-fecita of bass species. The water was clear up past Udall and stained from Red Bank up to Udall area, If we stayed in the wind and stain you could almost call your shot, we fished from 8 am - 2 pm Good job
  7. Hey this is really a cool tid bit of info THANKS Phil for putting it up used it and it did work
  8. Yeah I saw that picture on the website and wondered who's boat he was in today.... It does look to be a tad wet not to add to your thoughts anymore ha ha Have a good dry day over there watching them zoom back and forth..
  9. Yes I will agree as I have caught them in that general area (to the 86 bridge up & a few miles the other way) before when using a spoon and was surprised by the first one or two but now I'm more prepared for them.
  10. Yeah that has been the same order of business since March. Out of stock then they put in stock for a day or two then they always put up a in stock date. I understand from my research it isn't their fault just frustrating when your trying to buy a product as a consumer (I don't need to buy 5 gazillion of these for my personal use) but I will buy all I can next time they are available... Thanks again
  11. Thanks Dutch thats what I'm running up against No one has the Tk 810 and I'm guess it is the light as you say. Man frustrating as heck when find something and can't replace it. Thanks for the help
  12. Yeah I'm pretty sure this is the light wire one, but not 100% just know it was the TK-810 4/0 and I got some 3/0 one time there were a tad smallish. They were never super easy to get, but I have gotten them before from most of the places I mentioned earlier. The 4/0 & 5/0 seem to the perfect size I will have to get me an acct with TU first. It would let me look but not search Thanks again for the help I don't care to buy in bulk esp since this last round of waiting.
  13. Okay guys I'm in need a little inspiration from y'all. I like a lot of you on here pour my own jig heads and tinker around with the "build a better mouse trap" idea. I'm in need of a specific hook that I can't get any more. The 90 degree bend Aberdeen jig hook, the Trokar 810 4/0 is my go to hook for gizit heads. It is almost non existent, Tackle Warehouse, Barlows, Lurnet, Swim bait universe, Tackle direct, Tackle Addict, Lure parts online, I have tried them all. They used to be hard to get, but I could use my source and get some from some where, but since April that has dried up. Does
  14. The mid lake area you are talking about will be the busiest of the whole lake from (Jordan to the dam, the dam to Red bank, and the dam to Fouts area) is the most traversed on the weekends by the skiers, tubers, and just having a good time crowd. The Friday night tournaments go out of panther bay across the lake from Bidwell area so there is always fish in that mid lake area, just getting the timing the non-fishing crew will be your only problem in the daylight hours. I would go with the very early like 30 mins to a hour before daylight time frame in the buzzard roost area-cranfield-fouts a
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