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  1. Good report. Don't see much from the Long Creek arm but that's where we fish most often just due to proximity. The lake fishes kind of small in that area due to the river getting narrow. Kind of takes the guess work out of fishing down there sometimes. Actually stopped in to Cricket Creek for the first time a few weeks ago and was really impressed with their bait/tackle selection.
  2. Only 1 thing required to have the appearance of a pro angler... money. At least until weigh-in that is.
  3. Got sucked into some old posts on Sonar and got a kick out of this one from 9 years ago. Things change fast!
  4. Golf will be waiting for them on the other side!
  5. Can you expand on this? You think that those who have jumped on the COVID lake craze will get busy with other things again?
  6. Wish I could get down to fish this event, sounds like a lot of fun. What are your guesses on the winning big fish?
  7. Praying for your father as well as you and your family. 2 Corinthians 1 reminds us that he is the "God of all comfort".
  8. There were folk ice fishing on Smithville yesterday. 60 degrees and 5" of ice.
  9. Something to keep in mind regarding the number of boats out this weekend is that up here in Kansas City (and anywhere north), we're still dealing with 5" of solid ice from edge to edge on any body of water. Wouldn't be surprised if many couldn't resist heading south. I would have done the same if it weren't for my wife being due with kid #2 any day.
  10. Hello! My new (to me) boat has a pair of Lowrance HDS9 touches (not LIVE). Was looking for recommendations on what mapping card is best. The guy I boat it from was running Navionics Hotmaps, should I stick with that one or try something else? Any tips/experience would be appreciated! I pretty much fish exclusively in the lower Midwest.
  11. That’s a good point. What have you found to be about the right amount for you? This boat holds 50 gallons which would probably last me quite some time.
  12. Wow no Ring Free? Now that’s a hot take right there. Thanks for the tips.
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