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  1. Nice! We are on the very long waiting list for a slip at Hideaway.
  2. We put in at Flat Creek today. Just past Virgin Bluff we had to turn around. Three boats coming our way turned around and headed back toward Cape Fair. There was a pile of debris I didn’t want to take my boat through. That ugly stench you might have smelled today was me as I was skunked.
  3. We traded in the bass boat so we would have more room for the grand kids, G3 Angler V17 SF. Was nice ride. Fishes well. Love the trolling motor, If you see a grey G3....stop and say hi!
  4. Took a new boat out today. Didn’t fish much but what we did was from Flat Creek to Piney. Two tinies ( to call them shorts would be exaggeration) on a shaky head. Didn’t get out til 10 Am and back off the water by 3. Loved every minute of it though!
  5. I’m back. Aunts Creek is closed.
  6. I third the Bill Babler option. Table rock is a different beast. He showed me what to look for in regard to transition banks etc. I would recommend booking a half day with him.
  7. State order is you have to go outdoors....so fishing is required and essential....state law, swear it is!
  8. Thanks for spinnerbait tip!
  9. Thanks my brothers. I read lots but just keep my beak shut as no info to share...been eyeballing a different boat even though I will shed a tear or two if Skeeter goes away. A little small for the grand kids. Hope you all are well and healthy! Apology to OP if high-jacked post a little.
  10. Wow! What happened? Table Rock forum used to be one of the most active friendly groups on OAF. If you don't like someone...don't hang with them. I do a lot of things for fun to include fishing. I tried Tournament Fishing and did not fare well. It turned something I did for fun and relaxation into work. I also ride horse, play guitar, smoke meat, grill, golf and several other hobbies that I do for relaxation and fun. I don't compete in any of them. Champ will attest to my sever lack of skill in golf! It's apparent that the original post is a fishing term called "trolling." I usually d
  11. Yeah the Rock is crazy. I have only fished Bull Shoals twice in my life! Would be starting all over with finding favorite spots etc.
  12. I love Rivercut and Payne Stewart. Hate to recommend other places as I actually work for the Springfield Parks Department BUT, the new guys at Island Green are getting them fixed up. Slow on the rebound but a fun course to play too. Indian Tree is in the middle of Stone County north of Cape Fair. Not my fav by far but might be closer than other courses depending on where you stay. Hidden Valley is kind of a fun course too. I moved here from Alaska where I fished quite a bit. Before that I lived in International Falls for a decade or so and practically lived in my boat on Rainy Lak
  13. I have been eyeing Bull Shoals more and more lately. Every time I end up going back to Table Rock because I love her. Just crazy there with traffic.
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