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  1. techo


    Two smallmouth, a bunch of Ks and a flathead. All about 19 feet of water on a a shaky head. I am a superb guide and netman as my bride caught all but one.. 🙄 Water temp 81. Like weekdays way better than fishing weekends.
  2. We put in at Aunts Creek as usual. Visited with a couple on the ramp and they had thrown top water and caught nothing. Saw a boat in our usual first stop. They too were throwing top water and said had some bump it but no catch. We went out to main lake points and caught 17 (we think) Ks all around 15” on a green square bill. We have a bunch of pictures but they all pretty much the same. The gar were cutting the Mrs line so we moved around a lot. Usually when we see gar, we just move on but were catching the Ks in the same location this time About 130, we were in Jackson Hollow and caught nothing. A pile of boats showed up with big blue roll out mats. We decided to move along so they could jam to whatever heavy metal they were listening to. Had a dickens of a time getting into the main lake with all of the boat traffic. We decided to try to head back to Aunt’s. Tried to pass a huge boat on the left but they moved left driving us into the bank. I slowed down and bounced over their waves and tried to pass on the right. They crowded us off toward some buoys. Finally, got past them and to the ramp. The ramp at this location is pretty large and normally four boats can put in at a time. Not today. Some big deck boat thingy was having a challenging time getting his trailer to back up. finally he did, and as he pulled up into the parking area, I heard a loud crash. I think he cut the corner to close and hit someone else’s trailer with his. I saw a young couple writing down license plates after he stomped on down to get on his boat without leaving a note. Wish BS was closer and I knew where to put in. I think we are done with Table Rock on the weekends until September. Probably sneak out on Thursdays some. Sorry for all the whine as it was mostly a great day with my mrs in the Ozarks.
  3. We keep thinking about going to that lake but it is over twice the distance. Does everyone put in at K Dock?
  4. techo

    May 22

    Lol! Many moons ago, was my creek, He is invited to share it anytime. You too! If you ever see a gray G3 with a gray haired guy painting purple all over Aunt’s Creek, stop and say hi!
  5. techo

    May 22

    I will share with you. I'm probably calling them the wrong thing.
  6. techo

    May 22

    Only caught a few fish, all on Truscend. Caught lots of giggles and fun.
  7. I might have to call in sick tomorrow, cough cough...
  8. techo

    May 16th

    Many thanks for the replies! Will put the vinegar back in the boat! Appreciate you guys!
  9. techo

    May 16th

    I wasn't sure about moving from the bass boat to a fish and ski. It is awesome! Way better for the grandkids, and still fishes well. The Terrova trolling motor is a huge game changer for me. Can just hit the anchor button and start detangling kids rods (mine really). There were some big boats pulling people on tubes and it was bumpy but would have been bad in the little bass boat. We used to spray a little vinegar/water mix on the glass boat to keep the mold and ick away. Not sure what protocols are on the tin boats. I am guessing vinegar would be bad. 🤨 Hope to see people out there. We are in a gray G 3 with a Yamaha 150. Stop and say hello if you see us!
  10. techo

    May 16th

    Much better day. No real keepers but two small mouth, one cat fish and several Kentucky. Went back to old stomping grounds and put in at Aunt's Creek. Almost all on the Truscend fishing lure.
  11. Nice! We are on the very long waiting list for a slip at Hideaway.
  12. We put in at Flat Creek today. Just past Virgin Bluff we had to turn around. Three boats coming our way turned around and headed back toward Cape Fair. There was a pile of debris I didn’t want to take my boat through. That ugly stench you might have smelled today was me as I was skunked.
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