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  1. Been several weeks since I've posted a Beaver report. Gotta be on the lake to be able to report. Went out after church Sunday(18th) and got one dink on a jerkbait. Wind was terrible so didn't stay out very long. That brings us to this past Saturday(24th). Waited until we thought the rain was about over and headed out. Got on the water around 8:15-8:30 and the rain was far for over. Idled up to a flat near the ramp dropped TM and on maybe the third cast got a goodun on a Storm Jointed Thunderstick in Bone color. Had made a parallel to the bank bomb cast and fish was probably in a foot or less o
  2. Launched the Vexus around 6:30 and pulled out around 4:00. Water temps from mid to upper 50's. Mudline around Horseshoe. Saw visibilities from less than a foot to 3-4 feet. LOTS of debris in the muddy areas. Wind got up pretty good as the day progressed. Once again MB110+1 was the ticket for me. Threw a spinnerbait, RK, Thunder Cricket, and flipped a little bit with no bites on those. My back of the boat partner got the big LM of the day, (eye ball guess around 3#), on a short billed Frittside(or something similar) in shallow water coming out of the back of a creek. Very few keeper size Saturd
  3. I just realized that my report should be from the 20th, not the 6th! Already did a 6th report. I'm a moron and can publicly admit it!
  4. Officiated Hogs football scrimmage Saturday and didn't get on the water until around 3:00. Motored out to where a buddy was fishing to start. Jerkbait bite was still going strong for me. My friend had been on the water since daybreak and had done well on Jerk and RK's. I hit the wall around 6:00 and had caught 15 LM and K's. Mostly on the short side. Lost a keeper LM and a nice K that came unpinned on the rail flip. My buddy that had been on the water all day had caught in the mid 20's numbers wise. His were also a mix of mostly short LM and K's. He did get his first top water fish of the year
  5. Fished Beaver from 2:00pm till around 6:00pm Saturday the 13th. Water temps pretty much upper 40's where we were. I totaled 16 K's and LM and my back of the boat buddy landed 3. Several short fish and even a couple of dinks. My buddy did get a 26", 6.34# walleye though! My fish came on MB110+1, Shadow Rap Shad, and Rock Crawler. Partner got his on MB110's. Caught em on main lake points, 3-4 fow pockets, and creek bluff walls in 20+ fow. Wind was blowing pretty stiff, air temp was mid 60's, mostly cloudy skies with a few peeks of sunshine. All in all a great afternoon with the bonus kicker wall
  6. I picked up a pair Gamakatsu micro split ring pliers at Hook, Line, and Sinker in Rogers a while back. A million times better than my others.
  7. Had an unbelievable day on Beaver Saturday! 28 degrees and foggy when we launched around 6:00am. Water temp of 43. Partner got one fish on a spinnerbait early, then from about 7:00 to 8:45 I was on them like crazy and partner was doing well. He stuck a 4.9 pounder from the back of the boat! Things slowed down for a bit and we got to moving around. Had another flurry starting around 11:00 for an hour or so. Moved around a little more with no success. Around 12:30ish pulled up on the last stretch we would fish. I got on em like crazy again. My partner was unhooking a short walter when this bigun
  8. We went Saturday morning and everything was ice free. The fog on the other hand was brutal. White River arm was super clear water too, temps from 39 to 40.
  9. What are the latest ice reports on Beaver and Table Rock? Last Saturday it looked like dam area of Beaver was all ice free. Monday a buddy checked Prairie Creek and Rocky Branch, all iced up. He wound up launching at Hwy 12 bridge access. Trying to plan where to go for this Saturday. Thanks, Mark
  10. I went fly fishing below Beaver Dam last Saturday. Went Indian Creek Road to Dam Site Road just to run the ridge with views of the lake. It was beautiful with all the snow, and no visible ice on that end of the lake.
  11. My and a buddy are planning to launch out of Big M Saturday morning, if ice is gone. Maybe we can meet up? My boat is white Vexus. If we take his truck it'll be a white Ford diesel crew cab, if in mine, Orange Tundra crew cab(can't miss it!).
  12. Cool drone video on PC's Facebook page. Hickory Creek's FB page had some pictures of ice there posted.
  13. I had my left knee replaced in 1994 at the ripe old age of 33 and had the plastic parts replaced in 2007. Playing football was not so good to my knees. All that said, I just completed my 29th season of officiating football. I'm no speed demon and move at more of a fast jog than run, but there are occasions that require a full on sprint. The football field is the only place I run though. I prep for football season by walking, elliptical machine, or stationary bike. I also continued snow skiing until just a few years ago, and that was more because my right knee is about worn out now. I've done a
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