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  1. It is! Myoutdoortv has a subscription service but you can watch MLF/BPT live for free.
  2. Myoutdoortv app on the Roku device streams MLF and BPT events for free, start to finish. A little tricky to navigate to within the app, but I watched a little bit Saturday and after church yesterday.
  3. Yep! That was probably me!
  4. I'm pretty much Palomar or San Diego Jam Knot. Palomar I always have a very long tag end but I always use it with braid. Fly tippet I use clinch knot or no-slip loop.
  5. Launched at Hickory. On the water by 5:30am Saturday morning and was shocked at the water temp, 82-83! It was right around 70 two weeks ago. Knew it was gonna be a sweat box outside but sure didn't expect that big of a water temp rise. Fishing was pretty slow for me. Two keeper LM on 3.8 and one tiny one on a Rapala OG. Had a few misses on top, Sexy Dog and Plopper. Had several eats but no pins on a hollow body popper tossed into pockets in the buck brush. I whacked about half the length of the rubber legs off to no avail. Ran around a bit to stay cool. None of the folks I talked to were having much luck but I'm sure some did very well. Lots of bass boats out. Trailered up and off the water about 11:30. Here are a couple of pictures. Sunrise was incredible and a pic of first fish of the day.
  6. That is one wonky looking wally! No report from me this week. Went up to Cassville to Fishers of Men Resort for BBQ and Gospel sing. Some friends of ours just recently bought the resort and gave it a big overhaul. They had a friends and family event Saturday so took the day off from fishing. They were sure packed in at RR.
  7. You beat me to it Jeff. I heard em say it was a 6.x:1, couldn't remember the x part. It looked to me like Saturday morning he was using one of his signature Lew's rods.
  8. They were from hand size to smaller than hula grub or tube jig. we caught them in shallow water out to about 12 feet of water. It was sorta crazy. Told my wife if we had crickets or worms we could've filled the boat. Any of the hollers up Indian Creek should be good.
  9. Fished Beaver Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Launched out of Hickory Saturday and Monday, Lost Bridge North on Sunday. Took the boss lady out Sat and Sun, fishing buddy Mon. On the water around 6:30 Sat morning, cool and windy start(all day for that matter). Hoping to get some topwater action, had one blow up on walking bait on like 2nd cast, that was it for TW. Moved on and hit some of my regular spots trying to get the wife on some fish and out of the wind. She had a few hookups but didn't put anything in the boat. I caught several LM, all on a stupid tube. Back holler bluff walls with rock(chunk/ledges, not smooth), wood, or where bank cut in. They were all pretty tight to the bank or hit on the fall when it dropped off of rock/ledge. Boat was in 12-19 FOW. Even got one female with a bloodied up tail. Got off the water around 2pm. Sunday morning we skipped church and went to Lost Bridge. Didn't get on the water until about 9:00. Went exploring a new area. Tied her on a GY Hula Grub. She catches a big ole bream, her first fish in the Vexus, and then catches a smallmouth. I was so excited for her! So, I tied on a hula grub as well and we could've filled the boat up with bream. Sun finally popped out and we did more running around than fishing. Water on the north end was quite a bit clearer than at Hickory and super clear up by the dam. With the sun coming out there was an enormous pleasure boat hatch. We decide to call it a day and head home to watch the rest of the Razorbacks baseball game. Monday me and my buddy on the water around 5:45. Idled past HC marina to hopefully get some TW action over by the campground. That didn't happen but there was a huge shad spawn going on around the flooded trees in that area. Moved out from there and found fish busting the top near the main lake channel. Chasing shad like crazy. No joy on TW, so tossed a Keitech and got a really nice white bass, and another, and another, etc. Buddy gets a small LM and a spot in the mix. I'm sitting in 50+ FOW but there's a ledge there that's about 12FOW. I start throwing and letting bait sink to the bottom in that shallow water and just scrounged it back until it fell off the ledge, if it made it that far before hooking up. Almost all LM, but fairly short. This action went on for a good while. We hit a few more spots, my friend gets a really short walleye on jerk bait and a LM on purple worm way back in the brush. I stick with swim baits and get one here and there. We move on to a regular spot and its one here one there. As we go around a point I ask him why we never fish this flat, it should be a good spawning flat?? A minute later I've got a biggun on. Decide to BASS/BPT/MLF it instead of grabbing the net, and I failed at getting it in the boat. Lesson learned, got net, use net! We moved back into another holler and I got pretty hot on them again. I think I actually had a Rage Tail on now instead of Keitech. Back of the boat buddy still had Keitech and got a few as well. We them got here in water that was 4 feet deep to 9-12 feet deep. We got off the water around 2pm again and had a really good day. Majority of the bass we caught were LM, maybe half a dozen spots, and maybe 6-8 of the LM would've measured(Not including one that should be pictured in this post!). Several line burner shorts. Wind was not bad at all Monday. Water temp seemed to have dropped a degree or two.
  10. Water is real nice around Hickory right now. Probably 3 feet of visibility. Temps were around 72 Saturday but closer to 70 on Monday. There is a big log or two still floating around though, so be on the watch for them.
  11. MarkG52


    Corps opened 7 gates on Beaver at noon today. From their Facebook page: "At noon today we will be opening all seven spillway gates at Beaver Dam. Releases through the spillway will be around 3,700 cubic feet per second. The total combined release will be around 7,500 c.f.s."
  12. I took my niece's husband out for a few hours Saturday afternoon. We launched at Indian as well. Saw maybe three fish bust the top. I have a fly rod ready to go too if a shot appears. I caught a few short brown fish and a 2.77# green one. My nephew(?) got a short LM/K to the boat and it came unpinned. I got SM on jerkbait and the LM on a Plum Zoom Lizard. David got his on a lizard as well. We had lots of follows and short strikes on numerous different baits. They were pretty non-committal. Tons of minners jumping around. WT was 69, one of my bosses said it was up to 72 in that area Sunday. Water was gin clear and absolutely beautiful.
  13. Red's Guide Service, also on Facebook, or redsguideservice.net. Clayton focuses a little more on the river below Beaver Dam and the upper Table Rock(Arkansas) area. Good kid.
  14. But I was! Glad we left the boat at home! Was a little sad we didn't have it for the window of decent albeit windy weather Saturday afternoon, but yesterday made me real glad. I was a drowned rat just getting the truck loaded from checking out of our room. So I'll take all of Vernon's blame!
  15. We fished out of Rocky Branch Saturday. I got one good keeper and one short LM, and my buddy got one short LM. Both of mine came on a SPRO 130 wakebait. Missed a couple more. All were relating to wood of some sort, be it outside edge of buckbrush or a log. Buddy got his one on a red lizard. By the time I had decided we needed to be bouncing Ned's/jigs/etc. off the bottom the wind came up a little and he was gonna have to get home, so we cut our day short. WT around 64, pretty clear to nice green color. Lots of debris but manageable. I heard debris was terrible around Hickory.
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