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  1. @Quillbackwhich colors of the 3.3? Those things seem to work for everything
  2. Thanks @sfiser. What is the biggest change in the fall pattern? Is it fish moving more shallow back into creek arms as opposed to being on the main lake. I trying to learn the lower section of the lake better, it’s very hard to figure out.
  3. Going to be up at the lake this weekend around point 5 area. Any decent bite going on for smallmouth or walleye. If so, any tips on where to look or what to use will be appreciated! Caught a few short smallmouth a few weeks ago on the ned, but I know new patterns are on us with fall.
  4. Phil S


    Thanks, @rps. Good info. How to you tackle the fall bite when the water cools?
  5. Phil S


    Thanks guys. I am going to make another run at them this weekend.
  6. Phil S


    We just recently purchased a home on the lake between rocky branch and starkey. Anyone have any tips for locating and catching walleye now through fall? I went out yesterday evening and tried dragging some crawler harnesses across points and had no luck. Marked some fish on the graph but not large concentrations. I know it’s going to take some time to figure it out, but would like a head start if anyone has some tips. Thanks!
  7. Caught them this morning trolling cranks. Fished mid lake area 7-11 am. Caught 16-17, 12 were nice keepers and a few small bass and walleye. All the fish were in 20 feet of water scattered near brush and cover. Don’t waste time in the channels, no fish there.
  8. Thanks guys, I’m going to get out there at some point this week or weekend and will report back.
  9. Anyone have any reports trolling crankbaits on the mid/south end of the lake? Been a couple weeks since I’ve been out. Would like to try and get out this week. Many thanks!
  10. Greg, I’m not sure I remember but I’ve got a xpress center console, 20 ft. Been fishing a lot around bridge area up to war eagle. Trying to figure out what the next move is to finish out the summer. Can’t seem to pin them. Any tips are appreciated. Will look for you!
  11. trolling crankbaits has been tough lately around 412 bridge area. I wonder if they have moved north? It was good down there a few weeks ago.
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