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  1. I follow several post of those chasing the top water action. Yesterday Rocky Branch area was scattered. Saw several short blow ups that looked like stripers but only managed to be close to the ones containing white bass. Good size whites though πŸ‘πŸ»
  2. Scattered action across from rocky branch this morning. Broke off the only bite I got. Chased them around for about an hour lots of fun. Need to get me an Evergreen
  3. No surface activity around Rocky Branch that I saw this morning. Resorted to short spots on a ned rig.
  4. Keep them on top! I’ll be back next weekend for 4 days. πŸ‘πŸ»
  5. Rolled in Friday night and down to the dock at dawn Saturday morning to Shad all over the dock fish busting 50 yards away! (Slowest boat lift drop ever!!!!) no giants but plenty of fun and lasted long enough to call in reinforcements. Sunday morning no show managed a few spots and smallmouth. Monday linesides were back for a short run. Great weekend fishing and family!
  6. Great post and pictures! Good news is my girl is now 24 and all that is still the same!!!! Don’t ever let it go.
  7. Headed south in the morning. We plant to hit Table Rock first and unless we really do well there we're headed to Beaver Saturday in hopes of top water stripers! Will report in Saturday. With pics fingers crossed.
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