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  1. We always bring a couple coolers and load up with filets, sirloin burgers wrapped in bacon and tri tips to bring home! Hundreds of dollars worth everytime. Oh and breakfast sausage in bulk too!
  2. Filet them and fry them up in some Andy's fish seasoning and they are amazing. If your gonna grill or bake throw them back and go to Harter house and get some good meat to eat 😉
  3. Good stuff and that last tip is a good one, just like tying a drop shot hook......I hadn't thought about that! Thanks for the info Mr. Babler!
  4. That has been my preferred method of late (long tag) also DJ but I wasn't sure if it was the proper one
  5. That is awesome Bill. Would you mind sharing how you tie the tandem scud? I"m still learning on that fly stuff. Sometimes I tie the first scud like normal and then tie the second one off the back of the hook. Sometimes I tie the first one with a really long tag end and then tie the second scud off that. Not sure what the proper way is? Thanks in advance. travis
  6. Thanks for the updates. Sucks not being able to be there
  7. the Elastech is the key to the entire system and will never be topped for the Ned. Do others catch fish? Sure they do but nothing will catch them as good or last near as long and it's not even close.
  8. Still wish I had your old motor on my boat. I love my boat and the 60 just sips the gas but I wish it was a tad faster. I think you butt dialed me last week at 12:30 in the morning? or perhaps you meant to......i was sound asleep sorry man.
  9. Me and my brother snuck away for a quick weekend at Taney. It sure didn't disappoint, weather was cold and rainy but the fishing was hot. Our best fish was a 19 1/4 inch bow but we had alot of "gooduns". Got to chat a bit with DJ and Duane on the water and had a blast. We threw a jerkbait till our arms hurt but it just wasn't happening this trip. 3/32nd ounce jig did 90% of our damage with 2 pound test. Cable to lookout was okay look out to fall creek was way better for us. Big crowds for April from fall creek down.
  10. Congratulations my friend. Was so great to visit with you guys today. Was the highlight of the day.
  11. I've had mine over a year and I love it, no issues at all. I run mine wireless and it's ran off of 2 AA batteries the entire year. Sorry for your issue though.
  12. Trout hollow posted a picture of a rainbow caught today on their Facebook.. Damndest looking thing I've ever seen. Figured I would share.
  13. Here's a picture of it.. That was a long long long time ago ahahha. Well over 30 years ago. We used to stay at Sun Valley then and goodness do I miss that place simply for the memories as we went there every year on vacation. I think a guy named Dale owned it back then and it was a top notch joint.. Atleast it was to a kid. Back then there wasn't very many of us throwing jerkbaits......goodness I miss those days! So many more fish and follows than there is now.
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