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  1. message sent about the bottom okuma. I love your sales, keep them coming
  2. Thank you sir. It's so hard to leave this place every darn time
  3. I had just left you and was in the narrows when Phil came thru. He asked if I had any Browns today, I told him not yet. Literally 3 mins after that I had a 10+ pound brown on my jerkbait and thru it mid air. We saw that brown you saw today yesterday, he was laying in a tree right there on that flat, I think he's 15+
  4. My goodness I had myself a day today. A 22 1/2 inch rainbow that probably weighed over 6 pounds. We didn't weigh it because we were 100% worried about fish care. Had a 21 inch brown, had 5 total Browns again today. Lost 2 more Browns today including a giant that spit my bait mid air. Ended the trip with a 22 inch brown, a 21 inch brown a 22.5 inch rainbow and a 20 inch rainbow and lost 4 more Browns that would of busted over 22inches or more each
  5. I can't remember when I've seen fish fight this hard. And your correct they swim off with authority.
  6. Lost another 10+ pound brown this morning. Came clear out of the water and spit the bait back at me. The quality of fish in this lake is crazy right now. Never seen so many nice rainbows and can't remember them ever fighting this hard.
  7. 5 Browns landed this afternoon. Biggest 22inches. Had a 20inch rainbow as well. Lost a 24+inch brown at the boat and had a 15+ pound brown eat my bait 3times without hooking him. What a day!
  8. When I cast it out I give it time to get down then I do a twitch and stop deal all the way back to the boat. Trout will take the float down but often you will just see the float move ever so slightly, make sure to set the hook when you see that happen as they don't always pull it under like a crappie would. So pay close attention to that float. For what it's worth I like to use an 8 ft spinning rod when throwing a "jig and float" as it helps with not only the cast but the hookset as well.
  9. If the water is off to me 2 pound line is a must. Water off I don't straight jig fish near as much as I do if it's running. If the water is off I'm almost always throwing a micro jig with an indicator or a midge on a fly rod. Sunny, no wind is tough tough tough and I always try to use natural colors for those conditions. Early mornings before the sun is high I'll throw a micro jig with an orange head but it's usually a different ball game as the sun gets on the water. If you see chop on the water fish the chop on the water, period. If the water is running and your throwing jigs Seth is right get it down. I throw 2 pound test 100% of the time regardless of year or conditions but it's a must with the water off in my opinion.
  10. I may see you, were going to be there wed thru sunday staying at the house at lazy valley. I want to go down as well but we will probably just be up fly fishing and stuff most of the time i'm guessing
  11. This thread has taken an ugly turn quickly, moderators please delete this thread as quickly as possible.........🤣
  12. I remember seeing them when I was a kid quite a bit. Be fun to have them back
  13. Ehhh go to trock much better and don't have to deal with the moss...
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