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  1. For me the thrill is doing it and maybe catching. I don't need to prove anything to anyone. The thrill has been had when you reel the fish in. Be gentle and let it go in the water.
  2. I agree with all of the above. Steel only if needed. Circle hooks rule and everything eats shrimp. Do not surf fish with a Zip lock bag of shrimp in your swim suit.

    What's Cooking?

    OK, I'm in on this one. I'm a long time lurker and retired Marine AKA Devil Dog. I keep in touch with other Marines and I need details on this recipe.
  4. Does the spring runoff show up as a blue line on a USGS map?
  5. I was told may years ago by an old timer that the best thing parents can do with their their kids is to hunt, fish and camp. Just saying because its so true. keep it up buddy.
  6. Did man made global warming cause an end to the last ice age? 'The last Ice Age, known as the Pleistocene Epoch, began almost 1.8 million years ago and lasted until approximately 11,700 years ago.'
  7. Al, In the terms of the Marine Corps that's the way to adapt and overcome. Job well done. Fish on my friend.
  8. Harris122, My son and have been doing surf fishing in Florida for about 25 years. The time of year may? cut down on some opportunities but you'll have a good time. IMO 7'medium weight is ideal, 20# line is ok, drop the swivel and weight, The hardhead catfish are not very good as they are generally small. Use a 12" stainless leader with a snap swivel on it to attach to the bait/lure. I suggest frozen shrimp, you can even put it on a large rouge or similar. Just don't put a Ziploc of shrimp in your swimsuit while you fish. Use a yellow and white floating bait bucket on 20' of para cor
  9. Why? It's such an ugly lake with poor fishing. The local speed traps may put up funding $.
  10. Wow MOhawghunter417! That's not very friendly. Yesterday I purchased 50 rd boxes of CCI for $3.47 at Wallyworld. the shelf was full.
  11. Phil-Time to jump in and stop the childishness.
  12. Champ188, your comments are insulting. Just stop posting a give me a break. You'd think I just stole your dog..
  13. Lancer09, That's what the G Loomis book said. So I assume it is saltwater bones. I don't know of any freshwater bonefish.
  14. G Loomis SR842-2/7 - GLX rod, Black 7'-2 piece 4#-8# line 1/16-5/16 lure weight Fast action Power-light Good for trout, grayling and bonefish $225
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