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  1. Dude that is exactly what I saw…..it looked to be about 30 inches and fought like crazy but, the stripes were exactly like that fish, closer together than the hybrids and darker
  2. Yep the bite here has been quit unusual. I don’t want anyone thinking this is very easy as I’m fishing from the bank at spot that I know produce periodically. These crazy things are here one minute and then if you get too crazy it seems to scare the school out of there and then I have to go try the next spot. I usually have to cycle thru 3 or 4 spots and only come up with 3 or 4 hybrids with a small mix of Whites and Spotted Bass. The one common factor is they are eating Shad. I did have one on last eve on though that broke my split ring that was attaching my belly hook. It fought much harder than most I run into over here and looked to be about to 8 to 10 lbs, which is big but, I’ve seen bigger. The unique thing about this one was as it kept doing its runs from my feet as I would get it to the bank, I swear on my grandma’s grave it was a Striper. It was long and not as filled out as most of these Hybrids and the Stripes were much closer together and very pronounced Black, it was very obvious it was very different than any I catch over here. Are there Stripers in the Meramec????
  3. They choke on 5 inch swimbaits 🙂 I hope you all are getting out and enjoying the great outdoors.
  4. Hey at least he didn’t come at you about getting vaccinated on a fishing post…..he called your “town of the arts” wankers not you personally.
  5. Jim it is an Owner Zip n Ziggy dawg bait that my friend painted for me. It’s a beautiful bait and ironically enough we called it the “Bleeding Chub” lol sorry but, I laugh every time I say or type that hahahaha
  6. Yep agreed……catching a few very aggressive fish from a creek is pure tonic for my soul…..if I ever have to give that up I will quit fishing.
  7. Seriously I have driven over this creek for so long it’s embarrassing…..I always assumed it was too small and basically dry this time of year. It was small but had some holes. The fish were so tight to the logs and wood it was a joke. I wonder if that is taking place over on the river ????
  8. I fished a creek that I have driven over for 25 years and always thought man that looks good but, just never fished it. Today I fished for 2 hours and caught 23 fish that was a nice mix of Smallies and Largemouth. This creek is a gem and I’ll have to try it again next year possibly lol
  9. Your tourney videos are some of my favorites to watch late night lol. Your commentary is genuine and we both fish very similar so I just really enjoy your demeanor because they aren’t fake or drummed up drama. You are straight forward and it’s fun to watch for me Seth
  10. I bought a Ned mold after I couldn’t get anymore from Dave as have always liked his the best no doubt. I bought a mold that takes a very sharp Owner hook and altered the mold to accommodate a wire weedguard. I must be using heavier camo brown wire than most as I never get hung with that thing ever. I don’t tournament fish so I have no need to have to be able to catch some fish as the Ned/Shakey will most definitely do. I rarely ever fish a Ned anymore at all as I force them to eat big baits or just enjoy the scenery.
  11. Thrown on your sissy stick more than likely lol….. I saw you nail a nice Smallie at the buzzer on that setup lol
  12. 5 inch and a 5.5 inch swimbait were thrown this trip. New area fished with good results. Taking a break until next Tuesday or Wednesday and am gonna do a killer float if anyone wants go???
  13. Thanks at least you know what a cassette tape is lol
  14. One weighed 2.13 I didn’t weigh any others, I wish I had some Peyote. I would rather stay away from most of society thank you very much. wtf does Ivermectin or whether or not I was vaccinated have to do with Spotted Bass and the alleged size Kamala??? This is why you should never post a pic here or even come close to having an opinion, otherwise the dregs will F with you. Hahahaha I’ll be out on the river
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