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  1. 17lbs is a nice bag of Smallies that I never see you guys post
  2. I love it when a tournament geek come up to our dock and we walk out on it and they start huffing hahaha it’s like if you don’t like then go fish somewhere else. I feel like saying your pitching and skipping skills are lacking dork so go pray for a 15 inch bass somewhere else because you ain’t got a snowballs chance in hell of catching a fish here dork. The best is when one of the wannabes says “oh I’m filming be careful of what you say” hahahaha give me a break only a friggin dork of epic proportions would film such boring posterior crap???.... so you can replay later and confirm you suck at
  3. Yeah I’m done with Lews...... used to buy their crap but, I have moved on to better products. Good luck with them
  4. Couldn’t agree more and basically that’s why Bull is better
  5. Yep we agree to disagree on that one but, we are talking about apples and oranges. Running a tunnel with a jet out board will not run more shallow that a flat transom hull with a jet outboard set at the right height on the transom. Just like you have your opinions and I have mine based on many years of running rivers with jets with tunnels and without. Having a recessed intake with a tunnel leading to it is awesome though. Like I said agree to disagree lol
  6. That’s just wrong when your talking about running a river
  7. The Quillback hit a craw as I started catching some spots and smallies so I switched for a few lol sorry really wasn’t into pics on these days they kinda suck 😜
  8. When this is your average size fish you will have a big smile on your face. I caught some in the 20 to 22 inch range with most being about 25 inches and there were quite a few from 25 to 27 inches. Without sounding like A fish counter that’s exactly what I did over the last 4 days. 113 Hybrids 100 something Whites 3 Buffalo 4 Drum 27 Spotted bass 4 Largemouth 1 Long Nose Gar 1 Quilback I knew this Ketch board would be a little short but, it is a very solid a serviceable board that I highly recommend.
  9. Message me soon as the window is closing fast
  10. This was just a small example of what was brought to hand. When you start to get tennis elbow from fighting too many fish you know you’ve caught quite a few lol
  11. They are biting and the river is about to be blown. Too many fish for One dork.
  12. I weighed it on my digital which seems pretty accurate at 3.10 lol
  13. 18.5..... all 3 were in the same range and HEAVY
  14. Not in full swing yet but, some quality Blancos smoked my jerkbaits
  15. Very nice!! When I get Spots 17 and over they are nice ones, I love those big Spots
  16. Lower Meramec is frozen across here by me
  17. That’s awesome man!!! I really hope you do get to hug the grandkids 😉 On this side of the state it’s not really going too well. Over 300,000 have registered in St Louis County and they have failed miserably in getting any numbers vaccinated. They actually said on the news St Louis County was getting another 30,000 doses, which is laughable if you have a brain and can add numbers. There are some dumb games being played with the distribution here. I know of Two pharmacies giving them to friends who were not in the age range we are currently in for distribution and not high risk. I’m 53 a
  18. Not really here in St Louis County but, I just bought a piece of land on the Big that has a very nice open pole barn that could accommodate 4. 22 ft boats lol Gavin beat me to the draw on that Landau and I have been jealous as hell ever since. my SeaArk ran up and down the Lower Meramec this Fall Gavin. Gonna start taking it to Bull Shoals and Table Rock more often or sell to this catfish dude who wants it bad???
  19. Sweet rig!!! 😉 too bad it’s just sitting out there all frozen like that. I have covered storage that would be a nice home for that lol
  20. This is absolutely awesome!!! This is what fishing is all about to me 👍
  21. Well I break them down like this..... actual craw Actual craw trailer actual craw) 1) you guys won’t like it but, because of our design we put in to the HD craw I like that one the best as it will never allow your jig to turn or roll but, some of you have complained about the thickness of that caw and I get that. 2) jewel baits finesse craw, you can cut off the end to your desired length and they work well. 3) Arizona Custom Baits limit out craws. Once again you can cut the end to your desired length, these look kinda pedestrian but the plastisol they used is
  22. Agreed 100% and this thread makes me laugh 😆 Too many little craws that suck!!! I’ve used them all and bought them all and I know what works for me and that’s all I need to know. Mitch and I have run the gamut on this one like 10 times over before and the equation has the same answers every time lol
  23. In St Louis County you can only get it if you are front line personnel, 75 years old or if your Black they’ll give it to you. My age bracket won’t be getting called anytime soon so I could careless.
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