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  1. I imagine I’d have more things I’d think of at a later time but currently got a few things that are very easy to think of for next year’s goals. 1. Fish more than this year. 2. Actually go on a fishing float. 3. Take the waders out more and wade fish in general a bit more, in some nice scenery. 4. Take the kayak out way more than this year for fishing outings. 5. Just in general be out in some nice natural scenery more, fishing or not.
  2. Not sure we would have a specific area in mind. Probably wherever a good combination of relatively cheap lodging and good fishing (without too much risk of ruining a boat) would be. From the fishing prospects, the whole place sounds good.
  3. Throwing the idea of Truman out to my fishing buddies for our fall trip (if we end up going at all) to see if it sticks. If they’re interested, do you guys know of some relatively cheap places to stay at there?
  4. Not to hijack the thread but met up with a fishing buddy and we kayaked around George Winter last Friday. I got skunked but he hooked into a real nice Longnose gar with a chatterbait I believe. Probably a 4 footer. I tried to unhook it without getting cut by it as it thrashed around, but just as I got some actual leverage with the pliers, it thrashed around one more time and I guess the pliers gave him enough leverage to break off the line and take off, unfortunately with the chatterbait still attached. Hate to have them swim off like that but it was a hard fish to calm down enough to not get
  5. I would imagine in Missouri it would probably be mainly a thrill/experience thing. Some of the shows I’ve seen mention eating them but I got a feeling most people wouldn’t be doing that with them here.
  6. Personally feel like it’d be better to let the population grow another 5 or so years. Current estimate is what, 500 or so. That’s still really small number for a state the size of Missouri. Let them make a little more of a comeback before opening a season for them.
  7. Me and a fishing buddy were planning on hitting up Mark Twain Lake sometime next month, but recently someone told me that the boat ramps are about to close down due to the virus situation. Tried to find more info on this and I think I did come across something saying most of the ramps will be closed, but I figured I see if anyone here has any more info about it. Like how long that’s supposed to stay that way and such. Thanks for any info in advance.
  8. Unfortunately I still didn’t make it down there. Maybe next week I will instead.
  9. I work this weekend, otherwise I would’ve been down there today, but I think I’ll go either tomorrow or Tuesday. That said, is anyone down there today, and if so, how is the fishing and the crowd.
  10. I think there’s still a few parts of it that are still kind of nice looking. Some of the area around Unger I think still looks nice for example. Not like some of the big floating stretches but still better than some of the rest.
  11. Wasn’t expecting that stupid photo bucket logo all over the ones I posted.
  12. Beautiful pictures guys. Here’s a few of mine. Will try to get a few more posted. Meramec between Sherman Beach and Castlewood I believe. http:// Red Ribbon section of Meramec between Hwy 8 and the Springs. Castor River Shutins at Amidon Johnson Shutins on the Black River
  13. Wish I could help but unfortunately when I went none of us 3 caught a single crappie though that was what we primarily tried to catch. Minnows, jigs, little crankbaits, all that, and not one crappie.
  14. How do you tell them apart from a smaller white bass. The picture looked a lot like it.
  15. I’m out again as we speak. Guess it’s nice that the phone has service at this spot. Though 7th day at it is really testing my patience to where I’m on the phone way more than I should be. I’d be happy if I get one and it at least doesn’t go more than 10-15 yards before falling back down and dying in short order from the first (and hopefully only) shot. And wouldn’t mind seeing if the bullet opens up with this ammo, and if it stays inside the deer or exits out, too. I’ve only taken 3 deer ever so far, each time I shot at least once more cause I was either surprised that they got back up, or did
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