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  1. Them Signature Series don’t work. Nice job fellas!
  2. Use to catch a lot of bowfin in the creek below the spillway. Caught my first 8 pound bass there in 1984. Have not fished it since 86.
  3. DJ dropped this off at the house on his way down. It’s a Signature Series themed collage with a stand off metal map of Lake Taneycomo that will take up one whole wall in my house. I am still in awe. Thank you DJ!
  4. We boated 20 or so Friday night. A little slower than it has been.
  5. I’ll be in the area. Pick some dates and I’ll try to block some time off on the calendar. Would love to watch Rick log a few more lunkers in his book.
  6. Saddle brook used to stock some in the creek on the back side of the place
  7. I have no one to blame it myself. Just placed $700 order to Tackle Wharehouse
  8. Some slightly used, some new. Selling as a lot. reason for selling? left one box in the sun yesterday make offer........
  9. Fishing with live game fish as bait???😜 That is a cool story
  10. 2018’s are becoming pretty rare! I’ve been offered $50 for one. Nice find!
  11. I’m starting to run low on blanks I paint and have had 500 on order for 2 months. Nothing shipped during Chinese New Year and now the current situation does not have a near future resolution.
  12. Go above outlet one and work the seam of main lake and outlet with crank or jerkbait. Slow retrieve with lots of pauses.
  13. Hi Duane (duckydoty),

    I have some questions regarding your crappie fishing trip to Grenada Lake in Mississippi.  My brother and I are looking for a good fishing trip and yours looked great.  At your convenience would you consider giving me  a call so I can get some information from you.  Would appreciate it very much.

    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.  Ed Burns (bank robber) 417-230-3819



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