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  1. That's where they were not sure why they couldn't get much action. I will be down there Thursday.
  2. Had some people I know down there last 2 days caught 15 to 20 per day. but I'm seeing and hearing of people catching a hundred a day any idea what part of the river they are in?
  3. It was pretty tough we caught a dozen 50/50 split between males and females evenly scattered from power lines to above 10 bridge One really nice bonus hybrid. A lot of people we talked to only either had one or two or none.we could only get bites trolling we never could get it by casting.
  4. I'm heading down tommorow hopefully they have moved in. Any suggestions where to start and work up from?
  5. I heard several are catching today. They have not moved all the way up though
  6. It's about time to get this thread going again. I hope this year is better than last year.
  7. He was a great guy and a good teacher. I had him in junior high school on the late nineties. I am from Marshfield.
  8. Bgctrading


    Anyone finding any shad suitable for stripers? We are headed down this weekend to see if we can find some any tips would be appreciated.
  9. I love to drop shot for some reason with livescope. Had 2 small kids fishing with me and they really get a kick out of watching the fish swim over to their bait.
  10. Friday through Monday fished everyday. 630-1030. Only did drop shot on gravel points had over 100 fish and about 35 keepers.
  11. So... Are we heading UP the lake just a little bit with every boat??
  12. I may try tonight or tomorrow night just got in from fishing this morning. pretty good day drop shotting little slower than the other day. You may take a nap so I can stay up tonight.
  13. I'm not counting on it. Lol.
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