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  1. Thanks guys. Dutch got me hooked up this morning!
  2. Do you have any good drop shot spinning rods? My boy is turning 8 on Nov 4 and loves drop shoting and would like to get him a nice rod. New or used would be fine.
  3. I'm 90 percent sure I saw them. I first saw that 3 boats were in casting distance of each other which is weird for this lake. And when I moved I cruised by slowly and saw they were guide boats. All within sight of big cedar.
  4. The one in his right is smaller than the left one. Maybe he was talking his perspective.
  5. I do believe his first name is David. Im not sure how I know that though.
  6. I have the 93sv unit so I'm not sure if it will record.
  7. I am mainly hitting gravel points and trees starting in 18ft of water and cruising slowly out to about 45 ft of water looking for fish they are very clear to see unless they are tied to them bottom. Then I am setting a crawler right on their nose with a drop-shot.
  8. Great for bass and walleye on the rock especially this time of year.
  9. I'm headed down for three days starting Tuesday. It's been two weeks since I ha e been down.
  10. How do the fish "know" this is the c&r area and if they want to get big this is the place to live? On the money deal most of the people spending money are tourists they would be happy for the most part catching a nice limit and going home. Very few are coming and spending thousands each year looking for that one record.
  11. Why are trout and bass guys like this? The trout are raised and released for the enjoyment of fishing catching and eating. The bass guys do not want you to keep fish for the pure selfishness of wanting them there for tournament fishing. There are limits and size restrictions on almost all fish in Missouri. Anything that is legal can be kept. I do not understand the craziness of all of this.
  12. Guys this walleye deal is becoming very good on the rock. It is better every trip for me. Shhhhhhh!!!!
  13. Are you not allowed to eat trout out of taney?
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