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  1. - Newbie introduction - Calls Smalliebigs a troll Haha. Good one, "bud".
  2. Maybe we can get the pike to start eating all of these invasive carp.
  3. Thank you for all the replies. I agree with the people thinking it's a pickerel. I'm pretty good with my fish identification and I swear that this thing was a pike. It's head shape/proportions didn't match up to what I've seen as far as pickerel go and the coloration/pattern was pike like. I just really want to believe it was a misplaced pike. How cool would it be to hook up to a monster Mississippi pike?
  4. I found this guy dead right on the path to the creek at Flamm City Public Access. Any help with identifying this fish would be appreciated. Pickerel? Pike? I didn't feel up to wiping off its sides to get a better look at the coloration/pattern. There sure were a whole dead fish around. Mostly silver carp, but this fish was sad to see dead. I caught a few spotted bass and a white bass on a crappie jig around the boat ramp.
  5. I've been trying at Minnie for them the last few evenings. Nothing but spotted bass for me.
  6. I think the live basket he was mentioning was an actual fish trap.
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