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  1. I love Blue Springs Creek. It is a hard place to learn to fly fish with all the tight shots and spooky fish.
  2. Anyone fish the smaller ponds in the CA. I only really hear about the main two.
  3. Hey everyone... Sorry I was absent for a while. I'm a project manager, and I just had one of those years. It was so bad, I finally got a fishing kayak and never got it out. Anyway, on to a new project this year so I hope to be more active.
  4. Don't burn them. Run them through a mower and put over your garden. In the spring, pull off anything that didn't break down and put around your trees. First lots of nutrition for the soil and it will really draw in the worms. Just two cents.
  5. Don't care who you are funny. He might have to take back the nice things he said about you.
  6. Before you get to excited, my best day is probably a normal day for most of you. I went out with one of the regulars here. We caught quite a few fish on a great Spring day. We tried a little of everything, but slow and on the bottom was what they really wanted. Here were some of my personal achievements - hey quit laughing. 1. First trip in a jet boat... I see why there is a love hate relationship. 2. Largest smallie, most smallie, largest goggle eye, most goggle eye. 3. Caught fish on my homemade lure. 4. Didn't get one on the fly. 5. I also caught the biggest limb of the d
  7. I'm going to try the a-kicker for smallmouth this weekend hopefully.
  8. On my way home today I saw a man die in front of me when he lost control of his motorcycle. He was in the expedite lanes and I was in the regular so I could not stop safely. Called it in of course, but confirmed what I thought when I got home. One moment he was probably enjoying a ride and next minute he was gone. I wish his family peace. Love hard gents. Life is precious. God speed to the unknown.
  9. Zone 2 adds in the treble hook, which increases ones odds. I never fished a soft body for trout, just going on what I read. But I have had them swallow a worm that I was actively fishing.
  10. I disagree... 1. In general terms is provide areas for bait fisherman, lure fisherman, and fly slash spin/fly fisherman. One of the things I don't like about Meramec Springs is I'm fly fishing and someone sits down next to me and throws a worm on the bottom and tight lines. No one can drift the same hole. 2. Rubber and live bait cause the most deaths of returned fish because the fish is more likely to swallow the bait. By keeping rubber and live bait in one area, the park limits the damage to that area. I can't prove this, but I think spin/fly fisherman are also more likely to
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