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  1. https://www.nwk.usace.army.mil/Locations/District-Lakes/Stockton-Lake/Daily-Lake-Info-2/
  2. Plastic on the bottom. Amazing. Would not have thought of it. Thanks.
  3. At least, what, couple days with lower winds and great temps. I live vicariously through youse guys mostly being unable to catch fish at a trout hatchery personally.... I really wanted to wander down towards Masters, but was down in the back, had sinuses to destroy by the mulching of the leaves project, armadillos to shoot down like, well like armadillos. Just don't seem to have the gumption to hook up the boat lately. Perhaps next week! Where do I start - what do I throw this time of year? I'm after anything edible: Drum, crappie, bass, whites. I'll eat a walleye if I can't fi
  4. JCreek

    Been quiet

    Ya cain't have too many blue gill as long as they're large enough to clean.
  5. I haven't watched a bobber sink in over - well been a lot of years. What type of bobber are you guys using? Have a web link?
  6. Dow Scubbing Bubbles. Aerosal pump sprayer and easier to use. Spray and wipe calcium away almost instantly. Slight etching of bare aluminum makes it sparkle. Just rinse with water to neutralize. I've used this for years restoring electrical and mechanical antiques with never a problem and makes the Merc shiny black again.
  7. It will go in before it goes back out. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. Postal folks are bouncing it around SW Mo. Still don't have it. Running on the garden hose, output is very warm but not hot after 5 minutes. Could be something else too. It never cut back on power and runs fine under 5 grand without alarming. That horn has to be the Queen of all idiot lights!
  9. Have one of those coming today in the mail. Got an alarm at WOT last week and local shop is backed up. Can anyone suggest a normal water or engine temperature range I should be prepared to see? 2018 Merc 40 ELPT
  10. Took the wife out Wed evening. Night actually by the time we put in. She forgot the boat key.... Had to go back for it.... Had a spot in mind. Taken. Went on in and found a spot but not as deep as would have liked at a little over 20 ft. Threw the green light in and tossed crawlers at cats for an hour or so with no takers. I've been night fishing before. Spent sundown to sunup out there once. Something about this night was different. I stumbled all over the place. Need a bigger boat with a larger payment. Almost fell in twice. Once stumbled over the wife as she sat on the
  11. Ok. Thanks. Found the old minner bucket so may give it a try. We went out couple nights ago and had very little luck, but when the sun went down and the bugs subsided, it was bloody wonderful out there!
  12. Bump. I'd like to learn more about nighttime crappie also. Bought the underwater light and the wife loves to watch the bait fish swirl around it. That's about all we've gotten out of it. What's the secret?
  13. JCreek


    Anybody been fishing the Masters area? Haven't seen a word about it and haven't been to check out the ramp this year. I'll try and fix that this coming week. Just hoping it's worth the drive!
  14. Just spoke with a gentleman at the Corps office. They have extended non collection of boat ramp fees through October.
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