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  1. First off, thanks for sharing this, Bill! I am trying to visualize this. So if you are holding your leader above the tag, and both scuds are dangling in front of you, is the fly attached to the tag lower than the fly attached to the main tippet? In other words, is the tag longer than the "main line"? I always fish my second fly/nymph off a tag, but usually a 6" - 12" tag. and the tag is usually about 18" above the "main line" fly.
  2. Against my better judgement, going to head down to Bennett after work this evening and plan on fishing all day tomorrow. Water is high and muddy. Any advice for fishing these conditions? Would prefer to stick with my fly rod, but I am not opposed to breaking out the spinning rod if necessary. I've only fished Bennett a couple of times before, and never when the water is up and colored like it is now.
  3. Looks like they just increased the flow - or at least that was what they were projecting on the SWPA site. But it also looks like Table Rock has crested (if I am reading the charts correctly). I was surprised to see them increase the discharge. I know that no one has a crystal ball, but for those of you who have a better idea of how the flow is usually handled - is there a target elevation for Table Rock this time of the year? Do they usually draw it down to a particular level? At what flow can you wade up by the dam?
  4. I'll take em! But I can't make it down to the Truman Lake area until this weekend. I'd be happy to pay now. I just won't have time to drive down there until this weekend.
  5. Cody Vannattan at Cody's Bait and Tackle in Warsaw MO. He guides both Truman and LOZ, and he will flat out get you on the cats. 660 723 5115. https://www.facebook.com/pg/CodysBaitandTackleWarsawMO/photos/
  6. JimDog

    My First Elk Hunt

    FANTASTIC Elk Stroganoff recipe: http://www.kyeoyf.com/recipe/elk-stroganoff/
  7. I have seen a number of references to Turner Jones micro jigs. Where can these be purchased? Is it just a tiny marabou jig? Can someone post a picture of one?
  8. Yes it is. In the immortal words of Mark Twain, “It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt”. Seriously, dude. What's your deal?
  9. Heard that they walleye bite below the dam is hot. Can anyone confirm or deny these reports? Thinking about heading down there after work. Any pointers? I'll be fishing from the bank.
  10. I get off work at noon today. Heading down right from the office. Plan to fish this afternoon/this evening, and all day tomorrow. This post has me PUMPED!!! I usually fish for crappie/whites/hybrids/catfish when I go down there - have never fished for Walleye, but I am definitely going to give it a try. Any advice on baits, methods, etc for a complete newbie to the walleye scene? I have accidentally caught them crappie fishing with minnows before (not below truman, but on other lakes). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'll try to post up a more recent report later in the day
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