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  1. justintrane

    3-31-18 Snagging

    Awesome video!
  2. justintrane

    3-31-18 Snagging

    Were you running divers?
  3. justintrane

    spoonbill questions

    How did you do? Did you end up going?
  4. justintrane

    spoonbill questions

    Does it get better in April? I usually get discouarged and give up by late March. I haven't missed opening day on the James in 20 years but never follow up when they make their push.
  5. justintrane

    spoonbill questions

    Interesting. I have wondered that before. I do pretty good opening day but the fish seem to disappear after that. Will have to try that.
  6. justintrane

    spoonbill questions

    I trolled divers from Walnut Springs ramp to point 15 today and didn't get a hit. I stayed in the channel and didn't mark many fish either. Has anyone had any luck on the flats? Was wondering if they might move up there after opening day because of the boat traffic.
  7. justintrane

    May 1st Report

    The bite was better around Bolivar landing. Put in at nemo and fished spots all the way up to Bolivar landing. Ended up catching my limit but had to work for them.

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