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  1. Well, depending on the rain and what the gages say tomorrow, I may be going down to fish Sunday through friday
  2. How much above normal would you say it is?
  3. Which gage would be the most accurate at giving me an idea on what the river is looking like from Bennett Springs down to the NRO campground? The closest ones are Windyville and above Lake Niangua. From what I can tell the Windyville gage is closer to this stretch of river than the Lake Niangua one, correct? Just trying to figure out which gage I should be looking at
  4. How's it looking now?
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone. I figured as much. Just wanted to try to get some advice from some people who are more used to that river. I know it pretty well but my knowledge only extends to where I usually catch fish on the river, places where I like to camp, and my ability to read the few guage pages for the Niangua
  6. Well shoot. I hope the water goes down, otherwise I'll be cancelling my trip for a later date
  7. Well I'm planning on going down to float the Niangua from Bennett Springs access to the NRO campground on Sunday and staying on the river until Thursday. I know, short stretch for 5 days. I was hoping to get into a bunch of trout but now with the flooding I feel like it's gonna be a lost cause. Any chance the water will clear up and go down to normal levels in the next week leading up to Sunday?