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  1. Wow where do you fish on panther?
  2. Lol wow like I said new lol
  3. Iv never fished this river before. I have just moved to Marshfield and was wondering if there where and good spots on the extreme lower end of the river around Hartville and Marshfield?
  4. So far I have fished the James River a total of 21.5 hours, and I have fished Panther Creek (a very very tiny creek that runs into the James) a total of 1.5 hours. Im sure that Im doing something wrong or at wrong locations for the James but I haven't caught a single fish. However, in a 25 yard stretch of Panther I caught 7 bass one was a very nice 14 incher in an hour and a half lol. Thats fishing for you, any pointers for the James? Iv fished it at A highway, KK, Bell Springs, and drove a few backroads (and fished it at multiple bridges) Granted the water was a little high.
  5. Well done. Where were you fishing?
  6. No iv never seen any on the Finley. If you see them again you should try to get a pic. That awesome though.
  7. Anyone know when the Smallies start to become more prevalent on this river?
  8. Fished the James in Marshfield MO today (Road KK) used the waders. Didn't see a single bass (smallie or large) and no pan fish of any kind. However, there were a lot of minnows and little bait fish all over the place. Didnt see any craws either. O well it was still a great day to get out and try a new location.
  9. Yeah I figured it wouldn't but on the off chance it would I picked up a few. Lol sounds like I need to make a run to Springfield and go to one of the fly shops, and get some thread.
  10. One more question on thread. I know that the 6/0 thread is "the fly tying thread" but can you not just use the cheap stuff? I went to Walmart to day to see if they had any thread that would be tough. But they just had the cheap stuff so I picked out a few. Should iI just put it in a sewing kit or give it a shot on a fly?
  11. My favorite catch anything type lures for a pond would be. Rooster tails, Beetle Spins, and Top water Grasshopper poppers.(The grasshoppers are unstoppable when the grasshoppers come out in the summer.) Rooster tails and beetle spins will catch bluegill, crappie, bass, perch.
  12. This proves that just because you know how to catch fish doesn't mean that you are fisherman...
  13. Great Videos! Thank you. I noticed as I was watching a lot of videos that there is a huge variety in how to tie. Im sure there is more than one way to skin a cat, but I really like the added detail in these videos. Again thank you.
  14. http://www.ky3.com/news/ky3-riverside-bridge-christian-county-ozark-special-road-district-repair-reopen-20130321,0,4405730.story
  15. Does anyone have a youtube channel that they watch to learn different flies for smallmouth? Iv tired looking on my own and have found a few. Just trying to watch and learn... which sucks cause I'd rather be tying but my vise and materials wont be in for a few days. So all I get to do is watch videos. However, today is a great day to be inside. March Madness, a mild blizzard outside, and not working today. lol
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