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No good for me at Brown's Ford yesterday

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I went yesterday afternoon down to the Big River at Brown's Ford. I had checked it out once several years back when I tried fishing from shore, but that went nowhere, so this time, with the wind being forecast to be low, and the water probably low cause of the dry weather, I decided to give it a go with the kayak. I got there and first surprise was how muddy the water looked. It was a little bit discouraging but I decided to try it out anyway. The entire time I was fishing with two rods, on one I had a slip bobber set up with a little crappie tube on jighead. That was supposed to be my backup, cause I figured at least I'd have a lot of bites from sunfish on it. On the other rod, I had a shallow diving crankbait, figuring if there were bass or anything else predatory, and bigger around, that's what they'd go for. I decided to start by paddling upstream as far as I could and then make my way down, but fishing along the way. At first signs were promising, I saw little minnows jumping like they were being chased by bigger fish, I kept having bites on my slip bobber setup, yet somehow I could not hook them. It went that way for a while, until finally I caught my first fish, a little longear sunfish, then eventually I lucked into a little spotted bass not much bigger than the sunfish, once again on the tube. Pretty soon even the sunfish bite started dying down. I couldn't get bites in even some of what seemed like the best water for them, slow little backwaters with vegetation weren't even producing. I got to some steep mud banks figuring a good cast along might illicit a decent fish into biting on the 3-4 foot diving crankbait, but nothing happened. I got close to a riffle with some rocks that were on the bank and tried there again, nothing, shortly followed by me getting snagged and losing the crankbait. By that point I was too unmotivated to get out and portage past the fast water of the riffle, so after trying briefly to paddle up it, I just kind of gave up and started my float back down. More of the same followed. I got back to the ramp, then decided to try a little further down from it, until I got near another riffle not far away, and then turned around fishing up towards the ramp again. I caught another 2 little sunfish and that was all. A little after 8 I called it a day, and loaded back up and left.

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