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Grind it out

Got started about mid day Friday rigging double minnow rigs.  WT was 87-88.    Thermocline looked to be 15-16 feet in 20 plus feet water....  Minnows would get stiff if put 15 feet down...  I can see on my graph but, I’ll drop a minnow down for a couple minutes to be sure that’s what I’m seeing....  Last Sunday the area I was at if I would put them below 10 feet they would get stiff....  Does a heavy algae bloom also make it set up that thick?  Also does it make it difficult fishing 

Wasn’t catching anything in the depth I been in the past several trips 18-25 fow 12-14 down.

So went to shallower water 12-14 fow and there they were just hanging out with my bait down 10-12 feet.

Grind threw a zillion shorts and was able to roll out with 10.

Pics below.   That one belly shot is like a 7 inch crappie.  Looked like it swallowed a golf ball.  Looked like a midget Dardanelle fish🤣🤣

God Bless



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