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My Last Smallmouth

I got out on the river last week. I think I'm turning into a pumpkinseed - google eye fisherman, with a few smallmouth thrown in. I don't know if its the time of year, lure or water level but I'm having a hard time finding any smallmouth.  I can tell you what the pumpkinseed are hitting though. I had a nice float, a lot of low water, but I did find one hole that did have a nice smallmouth in it. I made a long cast down the river with a crankbait. Sometimes I catch my biggest fish on these long cast. I felt something hit it, I thought, and when I set the hook a branch with leaves on it came to the surface. So I just started reeling in when I saw my line going to the center of the river. She must have been hiding under it. I think everyone needs to experience catching a large smallmouth and feeling the power of the fish, while setting about 4 inches above the river in a kayak and a fish turn your kayak around and the pull it down the river. She was released back to the river with a big tail splash. I got to my take out point and pulled my kayak up on the ramp. As I started to walk up the ramp I heard a loud pop....And that was the end to my fishing this year. Long story short I broke my foot, we're talking screws and 8 weeks off from work. But thanks to that one fish I ended my season on a high note.



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