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My Second Walleye This Year...

I floated down the river, last week, for the last time this year.  The river is down with no current. I had to paddle the 6.5 miles, rough for an old man, and I should have worn my Fitbit, I would have at lest gotten 1/2 mile walking.  I found out what they wanted right off and it turned out to be another great day on the river. I caught goggle eyes, smallmouths, a cat and a walleye. Took a few pictures of the size bass I was catching. Most were caught on swallow crankbaits. I always start out what was working best on my last trip out, J tail grub, but only caught 3 so I switched. I caught the walleye on a small crankbait, it had two #10 treble hooks on it. Boy was I surprised. ......All the fish were released, but someone told me that walleyes are pretty tasty...I think there should be a word that describes " when a fish tows you around the river while your in your kayak."  Saw an eagle and a few trees are starting to turn.... I've enjoyed my time on the river this year but its time to hang up the paddle........








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