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Tough Ole Bird



Okay, another slow day at the office. I don't know about the rest of you but I am having a banner duck season. My Dad and I have been slamming ducks for the last two weeks. My Dad, at age 75, has been hunting ducks for over 60 years, and is still out there banging away at more ducks than he's seen since the 70's. He's contributing it to three factors; 1) cold weather up north has pushed ducks down earlier this year than previous years, 2) due to all the rain this spring and fall farmers were late planting and late harvesting so they haven't had a chance to disc up the cornfields, 3) with all the rain this year there is a lot of water (not that there hasn't been water in the past). Since getting my buck tag filled opening day I've been hitting the cornfields with Dad and we've been seeing hundreds if not thousands of ducks flying the river. It reminds me of when I was a kid tagging along with him and Joefish, you'd see string after string of ducks coming up and down the river. We went out two weeks ago Sunday and lay down in a cornfield, no layout blinds for us hardcore duckslayers, and put up "spinner", our only decoy, and waited.....I'd watched about 2-300 landing in the field the night before, and just as soon as I'd told him it was time for them to show, there they were. They circled about two or three times and were calling like mad, we watched them set their wings and come soaring down to the decoy and I said, "Take em'!" and sat up and started shooting. Realizing something was amiss after the ducks vacated the area, I looked over at Dad and he was just laying there. I said, "Why didn't you shoot?" He replied, "I couldn't sit up!" So much for laying on the ground, eh! The next morning I went out before work in the dark and spooked a few hundred off a little slew, hurriedly I set out a half dozen decoys and sat down to wait. Ten minutes later they started coming back, at 6:30 or so I started shooting, I had twelve shells, at 7:10 I was back in the truck with my limit of drakes! Yeah, I know, twelve shots, four mallards, what can I say, I was excited! I was only 15 minutes late for work! Since then we've been out a dozen times and had mallards coming in every time. We've since left the water alone and used it for a refuge, we stick to hunting the cornfields because they are so predictable, on bright sunny days its from 7:00 to 9:30 and 4:15 til shooting time ends, on cloudy days its the same in the morning but action in the afternoon starts at about 3:15, they go get a drink around 4:00 and come back at 4:30. Clockwork. Joefish is still after a big buck, however, he went with us one day and the action was non stop. We've been mixing it up hitting different cornfields, sitting in the wide open with no blinds its amazing that the ducks still come in, I mean were sitting still as a post, but c'mon, its almost better than a blind, except for comfort. I want to get Dad a layout blind for Christmas but by then the season will be over, and who knows if it will be as good next year? I hope the ducks stay around for another few weeks til season closes because I like spending time in the duck fields with my Dad, its like I was a kid again, except now its him that gets cold and wants to go home, haha, naw, just kidding, he's a tough old bird!


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