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Invasion Over



Okay, you can all relax now, our invasion of S. Mo is over! We came, we saw, we kicked some trout butt! It was a much needed respite from N. Mo as we descended on Taneycomo over the weekend to start the year out with some trout fishing. My Dad, Joefish, and myself were happy to boat several nice trout over two days of fishing at Taney and breaking the winter blues. I'm sure Joefish will post some pics in the future. Went to the pothole both nights with no luck, lost a couple nice rapala's to the rocks though, an acceptable sacrifice to the cause. We're planning another trip down soon, hopefully at the peak of the walleye spawn! I didn't realize it was still duck season down there, saw lots of ducks and heard a lot of shooting, next year I might come down to do some late season hunting. Its supposed to warm up here for a few days so I plan on doing some ice fishing now that my rods are rigged and ready to fish, I will let you know how I fare. Till then, tight lines everybody. Buck.


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