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  1. I know about the midges. I know the parks have them and I know down on the white they have caddis ect. I talking more like why don't we have the dry fly action on tanney like anywhere else
  2. im learning about the insects still but wondering why tanneycomo doesn't have any type of hatches. I have googled mayflies and everything I found says they are found in streams,lakes,ponds ect. Then why don't we have any hatches here?
  3. How many units makes a good float for hoppers?
  4. any input on a reel for a Helios 2 6 wt. was wanting a mirage but man they are expensive. What does everyone else have especially if you have Helios 2. Thanks
  5. has the hopper bite started? Just curious if it was n and anyone picking up any fish on it as I was hopping to get in on some action next week
  6. So was wondering what sonar u would recommend for a small tracker or g3 eagle 17 foot. Was also wanting some input on fly fishing for bass. I have only been a trout guy only but reading about how much fun it is to catch bass on flies. So do of you fly fish in lakes for example table rock? Like to get some tactics from you guys to give this a whirl. I figure bing it is so big and the fish go pretty deep that it cold be a hard task with a fly rod.
  7. i know from the research I have done they express mating the diameter of fly line to butt section where it is just a slight difference. So if you use the same ib line for ever leader then your not to concern about that is that right? How would u find the ib test or diamter of the end of your fly line if you dont have box that it came in any more?
  8. so once there is a a hatch for a example a mayfly hatch on a river is that the only one for that year on that river. so more less once there is a hatch there wont be another hatch of the same bug till the next year? sorry trying to learn. thanks
  9. Ok so I thought the dry fly was intimate a certain mayfly but now learning it can be for a Mich of different mayflies. So my question is the only one I have seen is the light dun colored body with the dun color hackle. So if I was to tie some in olive or yellowish body do I still use the dun colored hackle as well for the different colored body's. Not sure it matters but talking about parachute style. Thanks
  10. I usual tie smaller flies that I can throw with my 5 wt. I Tie alot of mini wooleys and take some of these patterns and just tie them smaller. My question is How small can you tie like the zoo courger or peanut envy flies ect. I usual tie my mini wooleys like on size 12 and sometime a size 10. Thanks for the imput
  11. I was wondering if you guys tie all your dry's with a indicator on top so you can see it when it is on the water. I have some beetles that has a orange piece of foam on top as a indicator but i switched to smaller ant and it was so hard to keep track of. I also have a few small like 18 or so elk hair caddis that this past summer i was having trouble tracking so do you guys do anything for this problem. Not sure why some dry fly have a indicator on top and some doesn't. Thanks
  12. looking at buy some sinking line. I notice some lines gives u grains and some gives sink rate? Which is better. Also will a sink line keep a fly down in current say like with 3 or 4 generation running and if so what grain or ips would u recommend to throw some pretty good size flys for 8wt.
  13. I was thinking about getting me a 8wt fly rod that i can use to fish for bass with, but also want this to be my streamer rod so is a 8wt too big to be throwning streamers on the ozark tailwaters, tout fishing is what i do 90 percent of the time. the other reason i ask is i found a used 8wt the the price was pretty good on, just wanted to seee how much diffence there was bewteen 7wt and 8wt and if it was usable on the tailwaters. thanks!
  14. It looks as most streamers that is used to catch trout can also be stored away in my bass box and fished with for bass also? correct??
  15. what hook are you teing the Hibernator on?
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