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  • Bleeding Shiner

    Bleeding Shiner


  • Chestnut Lamprey

    Chestnut Lamprey

  • Duskystripe Shiner

    Duskystripe Shiner

  • Banded Pygmy Sunfish

    Banded Pygmy Sunfish

  • Bigmouth Buffalo

    Bigmouth Buffalo

  • Bigmouth Quillback

    Bigmouth Quillback

  • Black Bullhead

    Black Bullhead

  • Black Crappie

    Black Crappie

  • Blue Catfish

    Blue Catfish

  • Bluegill


  • Brook Silverside

    Brook Silverside

  • Brown Bullhead

    Brown Bullhead

  • Carp


  • Channel Catfish

    Channel Catfish

  • Checkered Madtom

    Checkered Madtom

  • Flathead Catfish

    Flathead Catfish

  • Flier


  • Freshwater Drum

    Freshwater Drum

  • Gizzard Shad

    Gizzard Shad

  • Golden Redhorse

    Golden Redhorse

  • Golden Shiner

    Golden Shiner

  • Goldeye


  • Grass Pickerel

    Grass Pickerel

  • Green Sunfish

    Green Sunfish

  • Hornyhead Chub

    Hornyhead Chub

  • Largemouth Bass

    Largemouth Bass

  • Logperch


  • Longear Sunfish

    Longear Sunfish

  • Longnose Gar

    Longnose Gar

  • Mosquitofish


  • Mottled Sculpin

    Mottled Sculpin

  • Northern Hog Sucker

    Northern Hog Sucker

  • Orangethroat Darter

    Orangethroat Darter

  • Paddlefish


  • Pirate Perch

    Pirate Perch

  • Plains Killifish

    Plains Killifish

  • Plains Topminnow

    Plains Topminnow

  • Rainbow Trout

    Rainbow Trout

  • Brown Trout

    Brown Trout

  • Red Shiner

    Red Shiner

  • Redear Sunfish

    Redear Sunfish

  • Rock Bass

    Rock Bass

  • Shovelnose Sturgeon

    Shovelnose Sturgeon

  • Skipjack Herring

    Skipjack Herring

  • Smallmouth Bass

    Smallmouth Bass

  • Southern Cavefish

    Southern Cavefish

  • Spotted Bass

    Spotted Bass

  • Stippled Darter

    Stippled Darter

  • Trout-perch


  • Walleye


  • White Bass

    White Bass

  • White Crappie

    White Crappie

  • Whitetail Shiner

    Whitetail Shiner

  • Goggleye


  • American Eel

    American Eel

  • Banded Darter

    Banded Darter

  • Banded Scuplin

    Banded Scuplin

  • Bantam Sunfish

    Bantam Sunfish

  • Bigeye Chub

    Bigeye Chub

  • Bigeye Shiner

    Bigeye Shiner

  • Black Buffalo

    Black Buffalo

  • Black Redhorse

    Black Redhorse

  • Blackside Darter

    Blackside Darter

  • Blackspotted Topminnow

    Blackspotted Topminnow

  • Blackstripe Topminnow

    Blackstripe Topminnow

  • Blacktail Shiner

    Blacktail Shiner

  • Blue Sucker

    Blue Sucker

  • Bluntnose Darter

    Bluntnose Darter

  • Brinded Madtom

    Brinded Madtom

  • Bowfin


  • Bluntnose Minnow

    Bluntnose Minnow


  • Bullhead Minnow

    Bullhead Minnow


  • Central Stoneroller

    Central Stoneroller

    Not yet earned

  • Chain Pickeral

    Chain Pickeral

    Not yet earned

  • Creek Chub

    Creek Chub

    Not yet earned

  • Creek Chubsucker

    Creek Chubsucker

    Not yet earned

  • Crystal Darter

    Crystal Darter

    Not yet earned

  • Cypress Darter

    Cypress Darter

    Not yet earned

  • Cypress Minnow

    Cypress Minnow

    Not yet earned

  • Dusky Darter

    Dusky Darter

    Not yet earned

  • Emeral Shiner

    Emeral Shiner

    Not yet earned

  • Flathead Minnow

    Flathead Minnow

    Not yet earned

  • Freckled Madtom

    Freckled Madtom

    Not yet earned

  • Gilt Darter

    Gilt Darter

    Not yet earned

  • Golden Redhorse

    Golden Redhorse

    Not yet earned

  • Greenside Darter

    Greenside Darter

    Not yet earned

  • Harlequin Darter

    Harlequin Darter

    Not yet earned

  • Highfin Carpsucker

    Highfin Carpsucker

    Not yet earned

  • OAF Lifetime Member

    OAF Lifetime Member

    Not yet earned

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