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  1. 10 Fly Tying Books recommendation from Barry Ord Clarke.
  2. This extremely simple but effective parachute ant will not only float high and dry, but tick all the boxes for ant feeding trout no matter where you are.
  3. Currently one of the most popular caddis patterns, that has a couple of interesting techniques. Holy Grail Caddis pupa fly tying instructions by Barry Ord Clarke.
  4. Excellent article easy flies to tie by Barry Ord Clarke
  5. Barry Ord Clarke guide fly tying storage. How store, protect and organize both natural and synthetic materials.
  6. A quick and simple, semi realistic pattern to imitate the Mysis shrimp. Tying instructions by Barry Ord Clarke
  7. Walt’s Worm another great tying instructions by Barry Ord Clarke. There are a few nice fly tying techniques in this pattern that are worth learning.
  8. cohafly

    WD 40 fly

    WD 40 fly one of the simplest but most effective mayfly midge larva that you can have in your box. Tying Instructions by Barry Ord Clarke
  9. cohafly

    CDC Ant

    A lovely little pattern, that is tied with only one CDC puff and a few turns of hackle. CDC ant
  10. One of the late autumns highlights is great hatches of needle flies . SBS and Video tutorial Willow fly
  11. Pheasant tail black, by Barry Ord Clarke. Effective variant of the classic that you can fish in both still and running water all year round. A couple of nice techniques here to take further on other patterns.
  12. Very interesting technique how to make deer hair bodies by Barry Ord Clarke. I recommend Berry’s fly tying blog which has great fly tying videos
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