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  1. Does anyone have any guide suggestions for the Estes Park area? I'll be there at the end of July with my wife and inlaws. Its our first time fishing outside of a Mo state park.
  2. Found a TFO Casting for Recovery hiding on the shelf at Rainbow fly shop here in KC, even marked down to $125. She'll be happy with purple. Gotta support the local guys..
  3. Exactly. She likes fly fishing better vs sitting on a bank with a line and bobber because of the activity. My first rod was probably the same thing, but not pink. It was pretty decent. I'll give this a consideration. Seems like a good value. But is it flexible enough to stay on fiberglass?
  4. Anyone have any good suggestions ? I know.. Pink.. buut, she want's her own, so thats fine. She likes my TFO Pro's.. I thought about their casting for recovery rod, but it's not exactly pink. I'd like to stick with 5wt, I have 2-3 reels I can use on it for her. Is the Montana Trout Slayer rod any good? I can't seem to find much on it. http://www.bobwards.com/MONTANA%20TROUT%20SLAYER-85-foot-4-Piece-5wt-Fly-Rod-Pink-61619 I also found the Elkhorn.. slightly more than I wanted to spend.. but.. if the reviews are good it's a possibility. http://www.flyfishingcrazy.com/product/EH
  5. Sorry to bring up an old subject, and most of you might know already.. but after reading this, just had to respond... I recently had the pleasure to meet Wanda and wanted to let everyone know that all the good things said about her are true, and she is no longer working for the man you described. She is working at Bass Pro in Independence now and has provided much assistance to me in the last month since I got back into the sport of fly fishing. I try to avoid the big boxes most of the time, but Wanda makes BP worth it!
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