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Fishing Report

Sam Potter

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The river is very low and very clear. As I drove by the dam at Montauk I noticed that there was very little water coming over the dam. As low as I have ever seen it for this time of the year. The fish are spooky in this low clear water, so approach slowly, keep a low profile and wear clothes that blend with the stream bank, if you want to have a chance to catch some of the larger fish. he stocker rainbows that drift down from the park don't seem to mind people standing over them, but the fish that have been in the river for a long time will spook if you get too close.

I didn't get on the stream until later in the day, but I managed to catch about 12 fish this afternoon.The largest was a 23" female. The caddis were flying everywhere and the fish were feeding on them sporadically. There were a couple of different caddis. One was a small guy, about a size 18 with tan wings and a dark brown body. The other one was larger, about a size 16, with light brown wings and a green body. I believe they are called little sedge, but I'm not sure. I caught about half my fish on a close patterned emerger that I had, and half on some CDC 16s that I had. If I can catch them on dry flies then that is how I prefer to fly fish.

The weather is going to turn warmer over the next couple of days and storms are in the forecast. I hope it pours for the next three or four days, because we need it and it would give me an excuse to get out my 6 wt.

"A bad day fishing is still a Great Day"


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