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Fishing Report

Sam Potter

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The river is still up a little and a little cloudy. Excellent looking water for fishing, but looks can be deceiving. The fish have been feeding pretty well over the past week with the high water and we have a cold front coming in so for whatever reason they were not feeding aggressively today. I had several short soft hits and only managed to land 5 today. None of them were big fish, but two of them were wild or they have been in the river a long time Rainbows. They fought like crazy with several jumps, so if they were not wild, they were very close to it. I drifted some flies, but I did most of my fishing with streamers. I worked at it pretty hard today and the day got colder as it went on. The wind came up, so I was glad that I took my jacket. The weekend looks to be colder and Monday they are calling for snow possibilities, so fair weather fishermen take heed.

"A bad day fishing is still a Great Day"


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sounds like a fun day at least, a bad day fishing is better than any day working.

I went thursday down there to the park and the water was up and murky. Did you get to go to the river thursday at all? If so was the river alot clearer than it was?

Im leaving in a few hours to hit the mens tournament down there and hopefully the water will be alot clearer in the few days ive been gone.

What do ya think, will the water be significantly clearer tommorrow for me than what it was?

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ya i had a great weekend, the water cleared up considerably in the few days i was gone.

I caught a 5 1/2 lb rainbow in the park for the mens tournament and won the tournament with that fish. It was alot of fun and i wanted to hit the blue ribbon but we ran out of time and headed for home about 3 pm.

I was very relieved to see the water clear up a bit because im deadly when it comes to sightfishing, and when its murky im just as good as the next guy like most folks are. Only bad part of the day was i broke one of my Loomis ultralites in half...no worries because i talked to our rep and its getting taken care of for free and i dont have to pay the $50.

Hows the water this week, have you got a chance to sneak a peek at the river? Ill be heading down next saturday, so i may see ya there! :D

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