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What a Weekend!!!


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SowBug weekend 2006..

Dad and I headed to Mt.Home about 4pm and got there about 5:30 we wanted to hit the river that night but head to find a motel before they all filled up..

Sat.. 6am up and ready to go..

we went to Roundhouse Shoals since thats the first place we found

Fish was good we started at Roundhouse and fish up to the bridge dad was catching a few on scud and I was sight fishing with a white wolly we caught maybe 25 total..

Then we headed to the Sowbug as I was a tier there..

Saturday evening tried a new spot Wildcat Shoal.. Nice place.. would be a great place for night fishing.. I only caught 1 fish there.. but it was a 22in brown.. SWEET!!

Sunday morning up and at it again.. some place Roundhouse Shoal...

What a day.. chilly and a bit windy.. but the White wolly did it again..

We total out about 100 fish that morning..

I will be going there quit a bit this summer..

I had a blast.. Me, my Dad, fishing and some beer drinking.. doesnt get any better then that!!

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Good fishin Leonard. I'm glad you got on them. I only fished the White once last summer. Cotter area and Wildcat. It's a beautiful river, saw eagles there. Olive woolies at camp and red zebra midge at Wildcat. I'm going again around 4th of July. I'll have a cold beer as well.

Don May

I caught you a delicious bass.

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I am glad you had such a good time at Round House. I live in Cotter,Arkansas, Trout Capital, USA. My wife, Lori, and I consider this our home water and fish it often. It has been fishing well lately. Get ready for some dry fly action. We have been noticing some caddis lately and I have caught a few on the top lately.

John Berry

John Berry


Fly Fishing For Trout




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