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Last weekend fishing report

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Well, finally had some free time to write a report. Got down to RR Sat morning right around 6:15. Since it was my fathers and I first trip down there we got our tags and did some scouting around. Decided with the crowds we would go down to the Catch and Release area. Started off fishing a little riffle right below the start of the catch and release area and caught two little rainbows right away. One actually looked like a wild trout with his colors and the way he fought? Did have great luck right in the pool that starts the C&R area, using several flies, had to change quite often though. Did finally walk further downstream in some deeper water along the bank closer to the highway bridge. Saw many large rainbows and was amazed looking at them from above on the bank. Decided to sneek down and see if we could get lucky. Well saw they were surfacing pretty good in the shade of the trees. First couple of casts with a Griffiths Gnat and WHAM, as soon as it hit the water, around a 17" rainbow appeared. Did get one other on a Gnat and one more drifting a scud under and indicator. Father caught some on a mini-jig. All in all it was a great trip. Did get to meet RR Veteran and thanks for the tips and flies you gave us. The Gnat was my "Hot Fly" this past weekend, at RR and Taney. So thanks again and my father and I look forward to meeting up with you next time and getting some fishing and story telling together next time.

"He told us about Christ's disciples being fisherman, and we were left to assume...that all great fishermen on the Sea of Galilee were fly fisherman and that John, the favorite, was a dry-fly fisherman." - Norman Maclean-A River Runs Through It

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