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Guide trip report 4/15/06

Brian Sloss

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I had a couple of Columbia, MO guys, Mike and Lynn, come down for a guide trip today and it was a good day. I guided Mike last year and it was good to see him again; it was a pleasure to spend the day with both gentlemen. The upper section of the blue ribbon area has been fishing rather slow as of late, but we got fish right away, so that was good. Lynn got a smallie on a brown wooly bugger before we got to the first shoal. At island 1, we got 3 trout so I was happy considering it had been fishing rather slow previously. From there down we picked up fish not only in the shoals, but in some of the deeper slower water as well. We nymphed deep with MOATs, Stoneflies, Don's Crawdads, rubber legged hairs ears, and poxy back sparrow nymphs. We caught fish on all of these. I don't have exact numbers, but plenty were caught and more culd have been caught. The fish were taking softly and some premature hook sets cost us some more fish. The weather was nice with cloud cover and a little drizzle in the morning. Dogwoods were in bloom everywhere, making for a great day with light traffic. I enjoyed my day very much. We had a few fish in the 15-16 range. Below are some photo highlights of our day.






Here are the other 2 pics from above





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