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No point in fishing the Bryant for a while...


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Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm headed to the Bryant this weekend, and until they recover there probably won't be much action after I've fished it out. ;) Seriously though, Can't decide which of the two rivers we'll hit. Always seem to catch more on the Bryant, but i'd like to float NFWR before the crowds start coming next month. When I was down a couple weeks ago they said the whites were hitting at stump hole, so maybe we'll try down past Techumseh Bridge a bit.


P.S. - What's this about night floats on NFWR? I thought that might be a little tricky with all of the obstructions, but have done well with big Rapalas on the larger trout waters in the past.

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I'm planning on hitting it later in the week. It doesn't appear to have been blown out by the storms.

I hope you left me a few. :(

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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Along with the Bryant how did the fishing go at the Stumphole? I had heard that it is REALLY hit or miss at the Stumphole and the Rockhole....no water. This is about the lowest I have seen the stumphole in the 20 years I've lived around here(since I was 6 :) .)

Floating the NFoW at night isn't bad, the hardest time to do it is when it's cloudy. On a clear night the moon and stars let off enough light to easily float the river. I haven't thrown anything but flies at night but most of the time it's a hero or zero kind of fishing. We caught 2 24" last year at night and several 20" on nasty sculpin patterns and zoo cougars.


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Wayne, there should be plenty left for you in there. I was floating with my uncle and cousin with my brother in the front of my canoe on Saturday. Caught a bunch of small smallies on plastic crawdads and a couple on topwater as the light level dropped, but didn't slay them by any means. In fact, I did much better by myself on Sunday right in front of our place with soft plastics. Biggest smallie was probably about 15". Maybe the water has risen since the storm Sunday night (not sure if any more came through Monday afternoon/evening), but with it being so low and clear stalking quietly is the key and I think we were too loud in the canoes. If I had to do it again I would have taken the saine and worked the deeper holes with minnows. Oh, my brother did snag about a five pound Rednose (I think that's the type of sucker) by the tail. Got us excited when it was ripping drag for the first couple minutes.

Went down to Bridges Creek and tried for whites a bit, but to no avail. Brian, I must admit I don't exactly know where stump hole is, and I may have passed it going to Bridges. My neighbor told me he was catching them down there and that I just had to take the road on the right as I came to the top of the hill on 160 heading East from Norfork Bridge. Can you help on this a bit?

Stayed down Sunday night because I had to drive to Eminence to talk to some folks about a log home on Monday. It was wet come Sunday morning, but I got out while it was still dark and waited in silence for dawn to break. As it began to become light enough to see my surroundings I let out a couple of yelps. Then the whole valley exploded with gobbles. I worked a bird for about thirty minutes who must have been right in front of me but just out of sight while one flew in behind me and others were sounding all around. I think I called too much (should have been quiet and scratched the ground) and then got impatient and tried to flank him. Well, that didn't work. I'm still a little wet behind the ears when it comes to the turkey, but I'll get it. Anyone ever try floating while calling, then getting out of the boat to hunt when you get a reply? Heard it works ok on rivers that are boardered by public land.

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That how I got mine yesterday. Shoot a turkey, catch a few fish, find a few shrooms. Even if you dont get a turk its great just being out on the river. I usually carry my gun in the case until I need it so it dosnt get wet and not as apt to slide off the canoe into the water.

Probing the depths, driving lunkers from their homes!

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