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Saturday Report


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A quick report to follow up on an earlier post requesting information.

Put in a Big Indian and fished points to the mouth of Big Creek.

Probably due to the weather, we caught fish at every stop.

Accomplished the goal to catch a keeper SMJ.

Many, many short K's and 2 keepers on drop shot, 6 keeper SMJ and a dozen shorts on 1/2 oz football jig, 2 keeper LM on spoon.

(Wished I had thought to try a spook)

Drop Shot was relatively shallow 20 -35 feet, SMJ were 10 - 20 ft. Spoon fish - saw on electronics in 40 ft. water.

Did run a few pockets with spinnerbaits in the rain - no fish.

Thank you for a great forum.

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Great report short and to the point. Do you get out on Beaver much?

No, mainly go to Grand Lake, I have lost confidence in Beaver, go maybe 8 - 10 times per year to Beaver as 1/2 day trips, always midlake or river.

Table Rock is soo great compared to Beaver. Short K's on Table Rock are solid keepers on Beaver.

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