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Fishing Report - Bssp Saturday Sept 19th

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Well after a 4 ½ months not being able to fish for a trout, I got a good fill in on Saturday at BSSP.

I started a few minutes after the horn and fishing the High Banks area the entire day. This the first time in two years that I have been able to fish in low clear water conditions. So I was excited.

I started off with a double rig of my peach color "Sloppy Ball" and a Mercury Black Zebra midge (sz 20/22). With out change a fly for two hours, I lost count on the number of fish, it was well over 30. I was very happy with the size of the fish as well; many of the fish were in the 15"+ range. I caught the same rainbow twice that was 19".

At around 9:30, No Luck arrived and we chatted for a bit. The fishing slowed down for about 30 minutes then around the fished started to stage themselves in the shallow riffles, then the "game was on" again.

I used multiple flies fishing the riffles and fast water for the remained of the day and every one caught multiple fish. Some of the flies (all were in the sz 20/22/24 range) included: RS2, Buckskin, Yong Specials (sz 24), Mercury Pheasant Tail, Hare's Ear, Zebra Midges, and the list goes on.

No Luck and I talked to a father and son (from teh KC area) that are just getting in to fly fishing. That was a nice break.

I used 6x fluorocarbon most of the day. I needed up losing 8 flies, and they were all lost when I tried used 7x tippet. I think I need to replace that spool out. As for the stream, I have noticed that the spring flood filled in a lot of the High Backs area, but it did not affect the fishing. I noticed in post earlier this year about lack of the number of fish.

Well I only fished one section of the park, but there was plenty of fish to keep me occupied all day long.

No Luck, it was great to finally meet you. I will see you on the stream soon.



Woo Hoo Fish On!!

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It was nice to meet you also. I didn't catch a ton of fish in the morning but, I caught enough to stay interested. I agree that the size of the fish and the numbers of fish are pretty much back to normal. The highbank hole is definitely different than it was before all the floods. It still holds quite a few fish though, and they still are eager to bite a good presentation. After you headed out FFM I went up to zone 1 at the last part of the island and caught a ton of nice fish on a flo pink brassie after I sharpened the cheap hook so it would catch fish. When it started pouring down rain it seemed like the bite went from a subtle bite to a hammer bite. I fished in the torential down pour till almost time for the whistle to blow.

All my stuff was soaked so bad it didn't dry out till I got home last night and hung it up. Looks like I may not get back down till C&R season now since its bowseason. My camper is at my buddies house to dry out and they are calling for rain till Thursday. I was planning on hauling it up to Mark Twain lake but, I couldn't put it away wet.


Maybe when I make the big money I can buy a rig like yours so I won't have to worry about rain. LOL

Of course then I'll need a bigger truck too.

Cya Guys,


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"Sloppy Ball"

Thanks for the post FFM.

I remember you talking about your floppy balls pattern

Startin' ta wonder 'bout you fellas... lol ;)

FFM, whadda ya think yur doin postin this stuff, anyway? Next thing ya know we'll have the whole world comin' down ta fish my favorite spots! How're we ever supposed to keep fishing a secret if you keep blabbing about it?

Naw, I'm jest teasin'.. Thanks for the report, looks like the low water may be over for a few weeks..

Glad you guys had fun, come back soon!



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I remember you talking about your floppy balls pattern but for the life of me I can't remember the recipe????? :huh1:


I'm with Cricket, and I'm feeling a little juvenile..

Do you have to be an old guy to tie that pattern? :rolleyes:

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