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7,000 Motorcycles.....


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Riding for a great cause. Sorry guys and gals, I just can't resist this post. There are days I go to work and realize I have the best job in the world. On Sunday, that's exactly what it was!! I'm lucky enough to be in charge of the Midwest's and Nations largest motorcycle ride for the March of Dimes. After 9 months of planning and more planning it all came together at the Kansas Speedway where we had over 7,000 motorcyles ride 115 miles across Kansas for the March of Dimes. The festivities were led by radio personality Johnny Dare and we even flew in a special guest Dee Snider who sang and rode a customized Chopper.

If you have never seen 7,000 bikes riding at the same time, you are missing quite the treat- all you have to do is look on You Tube and search "Bikers for Babies Kansas City 2009" you will find all sorts of videos. We raised over $670,000 which is a new record for the event!!!!!! This is NOT a shameless plug for me or my company- I would have done this before if that was the case, just one proud smallmouth fisherman that is awful darn proud to be the person responsible for this entire event.

The newspapers will tell you smaller numbers, that's because they want numbers right away, and well now that we are 2 days past the event these are the real deal. If you could just imagine the sound of this many bikes.... just gives me goosebumps thinking about it!!! Did any of you ride??

Well, now I guess it's time to concentrate on my first true love- floating and fishing!!!

Here's a video one of the riders already did-


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